<Echo> From 10/16H 10 to 25 man raiding

Good morning, Thrall. I'm Dakhath, the GM of <Echo> and after several weeks of discussion, we've decided to make a few considerable changes. Up to this point in the expansion, we've raided 6-9 hours a week with a moderate amount of success but we've decided to up the ante so to speak. We are looking to make the transition from a 10 man raiding guild into a 25 man raiding guild and while we know that it will be a difficult transition, the core of the guild has raided together for a very long time know so we are up to the task. Some of us have played together since Molten Core was current content and we always go out of our way to make new people feel welcome.

We will be moving to a 4 day a week schedule from 9pm-12am on Mon-Thurs and while we've been able to pick up a few people we've known over the years to help fill the numerous slots, we still have a long way to go. Assuming I'm not corrected by my recruitment officers we're currently looking for:

1x Moonkin

1x Warlock

1-2x Outstanding DPS specs that can be discussed on a case by case basis. Strong ranged preference though.

We are planning to have 30 or so raiders in our group and raid slot will be determined by your ability and fight requirements, very few people will have a slot for every single fight as we're learning the encounters. It is vital that you understand this.

Those are the main things we'd like to pick up, we are open-minded enough to look at any solid players that are willing to put forth the effort that this venture we will require. One thing that should be noted is that we will always be looking to recruit solid players and we will not tolerate carrying anyone. Guild progression is the primary concern for all topics in the minds of the officer corps.

We are looking to start 25s on the 19th of this month and are willing to help people get up and running if they show themselves to be worth the investment. This is an outstanding opportunity for someone who wants to jump back into 25s and a great step for the server to have another 25 man guild that will be looking to push progression.

If you're interested and would like to know more, the main points of contact are Anzabe/Emiri and Lyvera/Faiydra though if they're not around, any of us can point you in the right direction. Hope to see you in guild chat soon.
Class needs updated, picked up a few people today and looking to fill these slots up quickly.
Updated once more.
Only a couple slots left.
Bump for 25 man raiding
We're still looking for a few outstanding players.
Cleared 16/16 normals in our first week as 25s in about 6 hours total with some people that were really undergeared. Should push to 5/16H this coming week pretty easily and we've updated the main post to reflect current recruitment.
Up we go.
I hear 25s are 2.5 times more fun than 10 mans.
I have too many alts.
And my many alts are sadly underdeveloped currently. Join us and you will not be so poorly geared as my Shaman but instead be someone that people inspire to be!
You can be a firework in <Echo>.
Dead Durumu plz

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