Show me your Pally Mog

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S-stop right where you are! You broke the law!
Mine is >
hey there
9.9/10 Holymez
I use that xmog all the time, I just don't really like the weapon with this armor.

I am so happy I finally got the last piece for my current xmog. I've been coining 12 ToT bosses every week for the past few months to get the shared loot shoulders.

I like the red/black mix, I have some t11 heroic warr pieces I'd like to throw together with a nice xmog but I'm really content with what I have put together for now!
Try getting the heroic version of the FL gear like mine. Looks a lot better then the normal gear!
Somebody say sexy xmog?
Somebody say sexy xmog?

Gotta love a good !@#$-mog, eh?
go for the gold
So here's mine. I rather like it.
For the Light!
Token Judgement 2.0 checking in. LOL

I love this though, works so prettily for my Draenei. Plus that hammer, I missed it while in my Avenger mog.
I wanted to fit in with the other Belfs using it. :(
I just finished mine! So happy, and proud.
It took me 23 tries to get the shield. Behold, my last holy xmog.
sincere pally mog
Worthless paladins, my mog is better than all of yours!

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