Show me your Pally Mog

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Black and Red.
unoriginal Sunwalker Dezco clone here.
Mixture of new and old, looking for possible helm replacements.
This is a partial set that would look better if female humans held their shields differently in the armory pose.
Trying this out.
What's wrong with blue? It can be smexy too!
who said grey couldn't be stylish?
trying a mix. i think it works XD

Stupid armory pose has the shield hiding my chestpiece, it's a low level quest reward. I think there are two available, that match the artwork set for these legs and shoulders. No matching helm, boots, bracers, or belt that I'm aware of. Using a crafted PvP belt with the libram model.

Furious Gladiator set with Judgement helm, Belt of the Singing Blade, and Boots of Kingly Upheaval looks awesome too, and so does full Cata Gladiator.
I went with something that you wouldnt normally see a paladin wearing. i'm so sick of seeing gold and yellow everywhere.
Reporting in.
Classic mog here.
Can you tell I like green?
am i the only one who really really likes this set?
I love this set =D
Still missing the belt though :[
I really like the one I'm using right now.
Custom blue and gold right here. I love this xmog.

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