Show me your Pally Mog

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This. This is my Pally Mog.
best tier in the game imo
I get a lot of compliments on this xmog, all though its not very pally like. Still awesome imo!
Hello theree
That T3... /jealous

That's...S12 Gear. ._. I'm REALLY sorry, but I hated S12 gear. :(
This is me!

Oh, and ignore my gloves, I've been too lazy to hearth back to SW and mog them. I'm all gold, baby.
Hi. I'm wearing Judgement.
2 days ago I was looking for a fire / red look. Then I spent 500g on purple.

Still not sure on the weapon and shield, or the cloak...

Hmmm... it appears my Armory has not updated yet. Im mostly wearing T5 with a few other purple-ish items.
Mostly paladin tier, but I guess it's not very paladin-y
I really like mine but you have to love the stances on the armory.
Nice shield to put it all together.

A lot of good mogs on this thread.

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