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When you're running away and get hit from behind and become dazed, does Every Man For Himself make you stop being dazed?

And while you're under the influence of Every Man for Himself, can you get dazed again?

And can you engage Sprint while under the influence of Every Man for Himself? (Plus please remind me how to engage Sprint--I know it's a keystroke but feel like I'm blind when I try to look at the help listings.)
Yes it will clear the movement imparement.

You can immediately be dazed again.

Sprint is an ability that rogues have. If you mean run, run is the default speed when moving forward. As a warrior in the open world targeting and charging a critter is a good way to help run away if you've taken on more than you can handle.
2. Obviously, the answer will be that, since it doesn't remove the daze, you'll still be impaired. Durr.

3. You're a warrior. You don't have Sprint. Unless you've been playing a rogue, in which case yes. You can activate sprint and trinket at the same time. As for reminding you how to activate it? Uhh, well buddy, open your damn spellbook, drag it to your bars, and set whatever keybind you want to activate it.

I don't know if you noticed but this is the NEW PLAYER forum. This is where new players, or people who don't know the game very well come to ask questions. They might not know how to open their "damn spellbook" and drag it to their bars. There's no need to answer them like a jackass.
The daze effect caused by mobs is different than the one caused by players. The mob version cannot be removed unless you become totally immune (like with a paladin bubble or other special effects). The player version can be removed by trinkets and the human racial, among other things. It used to be different though and that you COULD actually remove mob daze by using the racial, but that was changed a while ago.

To answer your specific question, no you cannot remove the daze effect caused by a mob by using Every Man For Himself.

Figured I'd clear that up since there were conflicting answers.
02/10/2013 06:01 PMPosted by Icedragon
To answer your specific question, no you cannot remove the daze effect caused by a mob by using Every Man For Himself.

Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't tell you that I meant dazed by NPC mobs rather than dazed by other toons. Thanks for clearing that up.

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