low level brewmaster rotations for tanking?

so as you can see, my brewmaster is level 27 and ive been doing this
i also always pull groups with the multiple kegs that dizzying haze has
jab>expell harm> kegsmash

then i alternate between firebreath and dizzying haze then go back to getting chi with jab and expell harm.

am i doing my rotations right? also what rotations should i be doing the next ten levels or so? when i start getting new skills?
Kegsmash first, it applies weakened blows.
There really isn't a low level "rotation". You just use whatever abilities you have to hold threat. Nothing's really going to endanger your life until you get close to the cap, unless you do something ridiculous like pull the whole dungeon.

Once you get Brewmaster Training in the thirties, you should start to work more Blackout Kicks into your tanking and practicing keeping Shuffle up as much as possible in order to get used to the ability, it's duration, and build up the muscle memory. Somewhere in the seventies you get Purifying Brew alongside mobs that hit harder, so you'll use Breath of Fire less and your mitigation (Guard, the various Brews) more.

That said, use Keg Smash first and you don't need to use Dizzying Haze against things in melee with you - It's a pulling tool. Keg Smash does actual damage (and hits like a truck) and still applies the Dizzying Haze debuff. It should be the first thing you use to get Chi provided it's off CD.
It's pretty random till you get Brewmaster Training, I personally just did keg smash and expel harm until I could throw some breath of fires around.

Once you get brewmaster training though you'll quickly find out that most of your chi will just be spent on blackout kick to keep the buff up, alternating that and guard and very rarely something else(fights just don't last long enough for your shuffle time to build up, and our lack of haste at low level.)
Dizzying haze is a good way to pull a group, but that's it, it does no damage and kegsmash applies the debuff when you use it. So unless your pulling a group I would not use dizzying haze, and not sure using it more then once is effective but I tend to chuck a few out there when pulling myself. I doubt you need to throw more then one though.

Since your basically unkillable at low levels I would use kegsmash and breath of fire as much as possible. Get the glyph of breath of fire too, helps stops casters and whatnot (aoe). SIngle target just kegsmash and spend your chi on blackout kick, use guard when you get it but really don't need to.

Like the others said at higher levels keeping shuffle up is key. And guard and elusive brew.

Expel harm only when your health is lower then 100% only does damage when you get a heal from it. Otherwise jab.
Use whatever rotation does the most damage until you get to cata levels, at the very earliest - possibly even the beginning of MoP. You simply don't need to worry about incoming damage till then, assuming you are keeping on top of your gear or you have BoA gear. Keg smash on cooldown, guard on cooldown, keep up tiger palm buff, spam either BoF for aoe or BoK for single target, using your tier2 talent where applicable.
shuffle? I don't see the word shuffle anywhere...
Did you see the post dates anywhere?
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