Horde pop

17k alliance 90s to 1k horde 90s. 17:1. Dailies are an exercise in masochism with groups of 2 or 3 allies with nothing better to do than waste everyone's time.

How are there not free transfers to or from this server? Is there any more unbalanced server out there?
To quote the great and beautiful Justin Timberlake

"Cry me a river"
lol NE hunter
NE = Naughty Erotic Hunter
There are no free transfers to this server because it's high pop. There have been free transfers off, but why would anyone want to transfer to a server on life support?
Well if it was free for horde to come, maybe some groups would try it out. It's unfortunate the qualification is total population rather than faction weight, I didn't realize that. Likewise if it were free for alliance to go, maybe they'd get bored of the absurd unbalance and venture out. Who am i kidding they love the 17v1 those little bastards. Really I'm hoping for a free horde transfer out rather than $25 per character, but I guess that's never gonna happen.
Let's say the Horde on Sargeras are Mexicans trying to cross the border to the United States and the United States is any other server that's super duper awesome. The Mexicans will pay the coyote (the person that smuggles people through the border) and in this case the coyote refers to Blizzard. Now once the coyote gets the Mexicans close to the border they will put a gun to your head and have you give them more money or they will shoot you in the face which refers to the Server Transfer's.

So what did we learn here?
That Blizzard is holding a gun to the Sargeras Horde's heads.
I like your storiez Czarnick. I needz moar like dis !

No seriously, more......
02/13/2013 12:49 AMPosted by Knifeslut
No seriously, more......

I can'ts.
Illidan Alliance say "HI"
Mal'Ganis Alliance say "HI"
That's nice that all these server's factions are saying hello to us.

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