488 DPS warrior LFGuild-willfaction/xfer

First off, thank you for taking the time out to take a look at my post. Now to the details-little bit of a read but thorough explanations. Armory available on request as well as any other form of additional questioning, personal information, etc etc (within reason)

I've been in a smaller scale guild for a number of years, but the core has died out and mainly consists of 2-3 good-great players, 3-4 so so players and rest is not so hot(less dps than tanks for example). Unfortunately, they aren't satisfying my cravings anymore, and I need to look elsewhere. Not a slight against them, but if you are thirsty-get a glass of water.

I have been playing since vanilla, about 4 months in or whatnot (got it for my little brother after he broke his leg...I took more a liking to it than he did). I raided extensively in TBC/WOTLK/Cata and somewhat of MoP with our lack of interest/underperformers (BT/MH-missed out on Hand of A'dal title due to getting hacked and extreme customer service issue/All content minus RS(again, lack of attention of detail to raid as a whole/All of cata raids and some heroics). Heroic raids aren't a mandatory thing if you are interested.

Horde, Alliance-doesn't matter. I've enjoyed human all these years (rep boost, expertise, every man) but I also have a horde toon I play as my 2nd main. I'd prefer to raid Mon-Wed, but any other 2 days of the week would work. Some weekend raids would be ok, but don't really don't want to give all my time to WoW anymore. I am at GMT(Alberta/Montana) and don't mind raiding a bit later. In terms of spec, I will do either or. Arms used to be fantastic but now it's a brutal smash up of what it used to be.

I transferred once in TBC because my server couldn't give me anymore, and it turned out good last time, so I figured I'd try it again. Thanks for the read gents/ladies. Appreciated.
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