Trading for stones and pets

Pet Battles
Needed Stones:
Beast x8
Flying x3
Mech x2

Wanted Pets:
Darkmoon Rabbit S/S
Any TCG Pet

Nightsaber Cub
Gregarious Grell
Sand Scarab
Eye of the Legion
Purple Puffer
Landro's Lil' XT
Landro's Lichling
Guardian Cub
Fox Kit
Jade Crane Chick
Pandaren Spirits- Water
Black Tabby Cat
Darkmoon Turtle
Darkmoon Cub
Sapphire Cub
Jade Owl
Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling(rare)
Winter's Little Helper(rare)
Tiny Goldfish(rare)

Mounts for Trade:
Jade Panther
Ruby Panther
Sapphire Panther
Sunstone Panther
Swift Lovebird

Stones for Trade:
Flawless BoE x5
Elemental x1
Dragonkin x1

I am open to offers on things I have and I may trade for pets not on my list. If I am trading a TCG pet or higher I expect more than a single stone so keep that in mind before making offers. Contact me here or Faelar#1331
I have a couple of Dragonkin stones I would trade for any of the following:

TCG pet
Black Tabby Cat
Magical Crawdad

Any interest?
For stones I have
Beast 2
Aqua 6
Mech 1
Magic 1

Any combo of 3 for your Landro XT?
Mini I'll pass for now as I need just a single Dragonkin stone and I'm gonna try to get that in a bulk trade.
Demonicskull yeah I'd be willing to trade an XT for 3 stones, message me in game Faelar#1331
Updated for the stones I need and what I have to trade
Also looking to trade a B/B Darkmoon Rabbit(level 25) for a S/S one. Willing to add in other things for this.
bump, still looking for S/S rabbit as well
Updated for the stones I need. Still trading for a S/S rabbit and a Rocket chicken
Trading a Tuskarr Kite and other things for a Dragon Kite, Faelar#1331
I have a magic and a dragon stone I'll trade for one boe stone. Unfortunately, I don't have much else that you want.

I do have some pets to trade, but none on your list. anubisath, festival lantern, viscidous, etc...

thanks for the trade, list updated! Still need Dragon Kite. Trading Tuskarr + other things
Still looking for Darkmoon Rabbit S/S, Rocket Chicken, Dragon Kite. Faelar#1331
bump and list updated
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What would you be willing to trade for my Mech stone?

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