Sanctum Registration Question

I had a quick question about registering on the Sanctum. I know this may not be the ideal place to post this type of question, but I couldn't find any other way of getting in touch with someone who may be able to lend a hand. If there is a better place for this question please let me know.

So, my question. I created an account and my email is being contemptible and I haven't gotten the account activation email after about a week or so (I did try resending it). When it appeared I wasn't going to be getting the email I sent a note to the webmaster's email address, but I haven't heard back yet.

I'm trying to activate an account named after the character I'm using to make this post. I have an alternate email address I can use to send the registration to, but I don't have any means of specifying it instead of what I used when I registered the account.

If anyone can point me where I need to go to get this resolved I would be very grateful.

On a separate note. I have been having a blast on Ravenholdt so far. I'm definitely glad I decided to reroll here.
Um....I am probably the least helpful person around here when it comes to technical issues. If you haven't checked your spam folder under the first email address you attempted to register, I would give that a shot.

So what I think I'm hearing is that you wanted to use this alternate email address to register your account instead (so you actually receive the activation), but you're unable to create the account under the name 'Corvick' because you already tried using that name under your prior registration?

If so, you could try creating an account such as "Corvick <surname>" using this other email address, although the Webmasters are usually pretty good about getting back to players from my experience. There was a bunch of technical issues with the Sanctum this weekend so you might want to consider sending another message to the webmasters.

Sorry if I wasn't much help! I'm very happy to hear you've been enjoying your time here on Ravenholdt!
It looks like we're having some email troubles. While we're looking into it, I've manually activated your account. Please let me know if you have any further problems.
Thanks for the help! I just checked and am able to login now. I'll see you guys over at the Sanctum.

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