DPS/ heals or tank dps LF raiding guild

Hello, I am a 490 enh or 486 resto shaman looking to find a raiding guild. I am 12/14 across my toons. I am looking for a guild thats at least 16/16. I would like to push hard modes and understand all the work that comes with it. I am a min maxxer who is constantly looking for the extra dps. I would prefer to dps full time and fill in on healing when needed but Ill do what the raid needs.

I can make any raid day but Thursdays! and most Saturdays are out too because of work.

I can't raid past 10 server because of working and being from CST zone.
My tank is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/hyjal/Chuppah/simple
I can tank or dps with this toon although I would prefer to dps with my shami if you are looking for full time dps.
So if you are looking for a highly reliable raider who will try his hardest to improve each and ever fight, can take constructive criticism, and will strive to be the best raider at all times please give me a look up! Thanks for your time.

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