Ok, educate me here...

Pet Battles
Ive been out of the battle pet loop since November, and I come back to a new lingo. Whats the P/P H/H and such... and whats with the "breed" and "breed id" numbers?

Is this something in-game Im not seeing, or some new wholly embraced addon I need to look into?

Educate me, Im ready to take notes! *grabs pen and notebook*
P - Power
H - Health
S - Speed.
B - Balanced (?)

All pets have different breeds that combine two of them (and sometimes the same one twice) so a H/H pet will have higher health than other pets of the same type. A S/S pet will be super fast compared to other pets of the same type.


You can load your collection into and see the differences.
BattlePet Breed ID is a great addon that shows the breeds of all the pets you have and interact with in game.

Pet Battle Theory crafting has come a long way since November.

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