Server Time Horde Raid Guild LFM

Greetings Cenarius!

We are Awry.
We are proud of our guild, our public face, & our ability to enjoy the World of Warcraft together
We are dedicated to our cause and serious about our reason
We are respectful to each other, the community of players, and anyone else we interact with
We are active in-game as well as out of game
We have twelve plus years of experience in MMO's
We have 8 Years together as a guild in the World of Warcraft
We home to both Raiders & Casual Players

Current Raid times:

Tuesday 6pm to 9pm Server time
Wednesday 6pm to 9pm Server time
Saturday 1pm to 4pm Server time

Brief Background:

Awry has been together as a guild since the warcraft servers came online. We have stayed together through numerous expansions, new games, and real life challenges. We lost & gained people along the way but our core values have always stayed the same. Awry is an aged level 25 guild that offers a stable environment for mature players. We have always focused on recruiting the player, not the warcraft character.

Currently Recruiting:

2 Healers
1 Melee DPS
1 Ranged DPS
1 Off Tank
its awfully quiet in here....
Bump for u guys! Brutalis, change the title to show the bracketed H with Awry. Good Luck

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