(H) <Heartless> 10m 3/13 heroic ToT

(H) Heartless 10m Progress:

Tier 15:
3/13 ToT Heroic ( Breaker and Horridon down)

We are a 10 man raiding guild looking for competent DPS to smooth out our raid core to start progressing current content at a satisfying pace. We aim to be a tight knit group with a lot of social interaction, and have fun while raiding but still maintaining a serious attitude when it comes to progression. We aren't interested in a long application process, instead we prefer to get to know you and an idea of your knowledge of your class, go over spec + gems + enchants, etc, on a person to person level. Pushing into heroic content, we aren't looking for sub-par mediocrity!

Loot System:
EPGP Loot System. Great for new recruits.

Updated Recruiting:
Two range DPS of the following types:
Elemental Shaman

We do have a current requirement of 514 iLvL.

Raid Schedule
Tues. 9pm-12am CST
Weds. 9pm-12am CST
Thurs. 9pm-12am CST
Sun. 9pm-12am CST

As a side note... Challenge modes, meta mount achievements, and previous raid tiers do go on during off days. These are 100% optional, but some players don't mind looking good.

Contact: Pebble, Rhay, Kardyn, or Lifesalich.
Hey there...I am interested in a possible transfer. I am on a low population horde server making filling the roster extremely difficult so I have not been able to complete current content. In all previous expansions I was able to complete content and do heroics as well on my paladin Emmersen, also on Velen. I am looking for a fun guild to call my new home, I was in my previous guild for 5 years. I am not just a raider I love mog runs and achievements as well.
Hey, I'm a 492 Elemental Shaman, LF Guild on Illidan. I'm currently VOLHARD @ FIRETREE.

bonkabonkbonka bump
487 Prot Warrior if you guys are needing a tank.
487 Protection Warrior. 1/12 ToT currently with some Horridon exp.
Add me, 496 Enh/486 Ele Shaman, drazinus#1618 I sent you a message in game but you were in ToT and presumably busy.
Alas I was! I'm sorry for that! I will add in game once servers are up, my apologies.

P.S. bump
whisper me in game CaptainCrunk#1434 if you still need a frost mage

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