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We are leveling this priest, disc spec, and her as a ret paladin. It's going, well slow I think. I have been running Disc lately as we hit the 35 ish level and we're dying to much. Now I can at least toss shields and spam pennance/smite etc to keep everyone in one piece through the bad pull's. Admittedly we are new to the game so not following some min/max leveling plan. I should also mention this isn't our first MMO so we are cognizant of basic concepts like pats, dps etc.

I guess my problem is we never seem to hit the correct levels for an area, even after doing every quest we can find. We constantly seem to be walking into a new area a level or two below the recommended point. I know some will say go dungeon, and I have solo. But to be quite honest the people in dungeons I have I met have been more or less a pile of dbags for the most part and would just as soon skip that whole dumbfest with the wife in tow.

Any advice to make sure we are speeding up this process as much as we can would be great. Thanks in advance.
if you can stomach it, try pvping for some honor while leveling, then using the honor to buy some heirlooms, or trade to JP for heirlooms. its quite easy to get the honor now thanks to CtA at low levels giving real good honor.

an idea to speed it up a bit is using the heroes call board every time you possibly can, it should send you to level appropriate zones better than just running into a random zone.
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an idea to speed it up a bit is using the heroes call board every time you possibly can, it should send you to level appropriate zones better than just running into a random zone.

This. Hordeside, it's called the Warchief's Command Board and one is located in each city. It will give you a breadcrumb quest when you are at a good level for a new zone.
I have had the same problem of finishing a zone before I level out of it recently on my priest as well. You can either go on to a new zone or go to another zone that is in the same level range for some variety. The warchief's command board will only send you to a higher area I think. If you want to do another 40-45 zone, just open your map up to continent/world view and look for another zone that is interesting in that level range and head there.

Will say this tho, I am solo'ing on my priest and the survivability is great with being able to heal, I went to the higher zone.
I have not played a priest passed level 15 so I'm limited on that one but for the pally:

Make sure you have a seal active. Most of the time you'll probably want Seal of Truth unless you're fighting more than one opponent, then you'll want Seal of Righteousness.

You have a buff you can cast on you're group called Blessing of Kings. Keep that up at all times unless you're in a group with a Druid... and then, if the Druid doesn't use their buff, use Blessing of Kings.

Use Crusader Strike and Judgement everytime they are able to build Holy Power. This is a set of three lights under your mana and health bars. Once you get three lights, use Templar's Verdict. Pay attention to your surroundings and if there is no danger of pulling neutral opponents or you think you might be too close to other opponents that have been put to sleep don't use Hammer of Righteous but if you are in a group of opponents and it doesn't matter if anything might get hit from the AoE, use HoR to put a debuff on the opponent called Weakened blows. Then, until the debuff wears off, use Crusader Strike... unless you have multiple opponents that need to be damage, then keep using HoR.

If there are multiple opponents, use Divine Storm instead of Templar's Verdict.

You can use Hammer of Justice to stun an opponent for a short duration but then you can't use it for a while. It takes timing but you can use this to stop an opponent from running or casting a really bad spell.

Since it sounds like you are the damage dealer and your wife will be doing damage and healing, if she gets attacked, you can get that opponent to attack you instead by using Reckoning.

Word of Glory is a good one to use for some quick heals but it uses your Holy Power. The more Holy Power you have the bigger the heal. If you have an opponent targeted, you heal yourself when you use it (if it's unglyphed) or you can target your wife or anyone else and use it on them.

For an emergency heal for someone about to die, you can use Lay On Hands. You won't be able to use it again for a long while but it will heal the friend up full most of the time.

When you are going to be getting hit or taking damage, use Divine Shield. You'll do a bit less damage but you take less damage, as well. This is more for if you know you'll be taking quite a bit of damage.

Rebuke is a great one to use to stop opponents from casting spells. It's faster to use again (off cooldown) than Hammer of Justice but doesn't stun, it only interrupts the spell casting.

I hope this helps. It's more of a Pally pre-101.

Edit: Oops, I got a bit mixed. I'm profiling apparently, thinking your wife would be playing the priest and you would be playing the pally. ;)

If your wife is a Blood Elf she gets that arcane spell for a racial she can use to interrupt spell casting, too. Essentially giving her 2 spell interrupts (3 if you count Hammer of Justice).

I tend to have the opposite problem. I out-level an area before I'm done with it and the only time I die is in instances and not much there either. I'm stating this even before my guild got the xp bonus perk and before I got any BoA gear.
Disc is a healing spec its always hard to quest in healing specs, id suggest you get a shadow off spec see how that works rather, let your wife take aggro on the mobs shes a plate wearer and will last longer just bubble and renew should work well with a flash heal when needed. Soon as you get prayer of mending you can have it bounce between you guys with each hit you take. theres a glyph that lets you cast these heals minus flash in shadow, every 5 levels you should visit org or what ever main city is closest for Warchief's Command Board it will send you to a new area.

Kerasi said it all for pallys

Low level dungeons people are all full of themselves just move instance chat to a new tab and ignore them :) works for me lol but get spirit gear if you gonna heal dungeons
Welcome to Azeroth /wave

In case this is new info, you can press "V" to toggle nameplates on and off (they're off by default). That can help in preventing ambushes, and knowing what's where so you can plan fights accordingly.

I haven't touched Ret lately, but your wife might consider getting Dual Spec from any pally trainer and trying out Protection spec, if she hasn't already. It's VERY durable while fumbling with abilities during the learning process, but it's also rather proc-dependent. As the tanking spec, she won't be doing quite as much damage, but it could allow you to focus more on DPS and less on keeping each other alive, plus it'll have the abilities for generating threat and hopefully keep everything focused more on her (and she can throw in a Word of Glory now and then to stay healed up).

Another option along with checking the Warchief's Command board is to just go level in another zone until you're caught up to the next zone. At that level, it looks like you're a good ways into Eastern Plaguelands, and after that you can ride a rocket down to the Badlands (highly recommend doing it too =D ), but if you aren't 45 yet you can head over to Kalimdor and help out the gnomes and goblins in Thousand Needles for a few levels. Should have the flight path from Orgrimmar down to Mudsprocket in Dustwallow Marsh, and from there it's a ride and swim south.

(edit) In case you haven't been to Org yet, you can ride the zeppelin that docks at the eastern tower between the Undercity and Brill.
I'm a new player so I can't really give you technical advice, but I found building level through nondangerous achievements, such as festival quests, professions and pet battling can give you enough of a boost to overcome being underpowered for an area. I also do low level quests (check them on in the minimap) and don't leave an area until I've checked on the net that I've done everything, so I can try and ring every xp out. It might not be as fast or exciting as dungeons but it can be enjoyable and give a sense of satisfaction when you are new to the content. It's pretty tough fighting above your level without heirlooms, especially when solo, and this toon had plenty of deaths before I managed to level her above the mobs a bit.
Try to stomach dungeon runs at least in the random queue as DPS. People don't pay much attention to low level dungeons DPS as they do the tank/healer. Just make sure you don't pull aggro from the mobs and let the tank do the tanking. Make sure you attack the mob the tank is attacking and you'll be fine. Once you are up to lvl 30 you can get dual spec and have your priest go shadow for that, queue up for a random dungeon, and watch the xp fly. You also get much better gear from dungeons than you do with quests at low level, which helps tremendously.

The reason why people in dungeons are jerks for the most part is that many of them have done those dungeons over and over and have little tolerance for mistakes. This is good and bad. It 's good in that you need to learn how to play properly in a dungeon for late game pugs, yet bad if you have thin skin and take insults to heart.

Also if you plan to run dungeons, a good threat meter like Omen is helpful to let you know where you're at on the aggro list.
A good leveling guild can be a great resource. In your shoes, I would look to join a larger guild that advertises as a leveling guild....there should be people around your own level to do dungeon runs with, and guildies are almost always much much nicer to each other, more understanding of beginners. If you're planning on getting to end game and doing any kind of raiding (even LFR), the dungeon practice will be good. In a leveling guild you should find people happy to answer questions. Dungeons will drop better gear too.

Also, and I mean no offense but only to be helpful....if 2 of you are going into a zone even slightly above you and being regularly overwhelmed, there are some things you're simply doing wrong. Without watching over your shoulder I can't tell you exactly what, but I'm thinking your pulls are too big. Caves in particular can overwhelm you; out in the open you can see better, and pick areas with scattered mobs rather than clumps. Beyond that, if you haven't yet try reading a bit in the class forums for advice, although those are almost invariably written for end game. Studying your spell book closely might yield some new understanding of the spells and how they this day, I reread my spell book every few months. If you can figure out what types of things you're doing wrong, it's totally easy to fix those problems.

And, both of you should be dps, you can throw the occasional heal on each other (off-healing) but when the mobs die faster, you don't (duh!) Questing is actually designed to be done solo, so with 2 of you, going into higher areas (slightly) should be doable.

Lastly, although AH prices tend to be high, it never hurts to check there for a couple gear upgrades. More than once I've seen something over priced (for transmog) and sent a mail to the seller offering a much lower price (for leveling gear) and had my offer accepted.

If you post about specific instances of being overwhelmed: location, quest name, how you approached it, what kind of problems you had......people on this forum will give more exact suggestions. I know you say you want to speed up the leveling process, but I recommend focusing on correcting the issues that are making the process difficult. Then you'll start having more fun, whether it goes quickly or not.
Thanks for the advice to all. We plan to use some of this tonight as we push on further into the plaguelands.

I should note a couple things. My issue with dungeons isn't the presssure of healing, I've done plenty of it in other games and have no issues in this one. It's the general idiot factor. Heavy classes rolling on cloth gear, hunters with pets on taunt that piss off the tank who leaves, DPS in general all pulling aggro cause they can't follow targets etc. My playing time isn't extensive and I can get a level quicker doing quests than 2 or 3 busted dungeon runs where the group implodes. In my defense I have never found a dungeon I couldn't keep everyone standing in. All of my failed runs are due to other people having conflicts and it breaking our group up. I'd say this has happened in about 60% of my runs.

Sometimes our pulls are to big, that's why I have been running Disc instead of Shadow lately. How to limit those I am not sure as I just seem to find bad spots with roaming bosses, garbage adds or whatnot as the rule not the exception. TBH I am starting to think leveling solo might be more efficient for both of us. How to convince my wife of this I am unsure lol.

As I said I have healed before in other games, but my main "job" was an end game tank so I think I still think like a tank to much and get into the "pull...ok still standing...pull more" rinse repeat.

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