Troll Alert

Intellect gear....... I could roll Naked in a BG with my Warrior at your level and still kill people.

Stupid Alert

Guillotine effect....... He never stops rolling around in these forums without his head.
As far as random BG's, I am noticing DK's, BM Hunters, and warlocks consistently doing more damage than warriors. And this is non-PvE BG's (AB, WSG, mines)

I think the problem is that people only look/see the damage when we use our burst, and it is not indicative that our damage at other times is average.

I think most people w/ PvP experience know to CC warriors if they see the burst coming. And the trick for the Warr is to use burst after stun so that their target can't get out of it (ie. no trinket and/or EMFH available)
my sides have left the solar system
Shut up, Meg
Narcaine hit the nail on the head..... Shut up 2476!
Vanish skills combined with alchemy skills make rogues op? We playing the same game?
how bout buff my schlong?

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