Avenger's Shield

So I made this guy to try Paladin Tanking..but what is it with Avenger's Shield missing like there is no tomorrow....
Avenger's Shield is a ranged attack, so you need 7.5% hit and 7.5% expertise to ensure that it always hits (i.e. you have a 15% chance for it to not hit each target).

It doesn't miss any more than your other attacks (in fact, your melee attacks will miss even more because they have an additional 7.5% chance to be parried), but it's really noticeable because of the way the animation flies off when it does. Just wait until you get to a level where hit and expertise start becoming readily available and the problem will go away.

EDIT: Numbers are for enemies three levels higher (raid boss level). If they are closer in level, like most dungeon bosses, you'll need less hit and expertise to cap.

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