Any phase problems in Pandaria?

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(debated if this was the right forum, but I haven't played since Lich King times and this is my first toon going to 90)

So I got bored of questing and did more than a full level of Archaeology before going back to questing.

Now I'm remembering that when I didn't complete all of the quests around Icecrown in Lich King times I had a HELL of a time when meeting up with people due to phasing.

I asked in guild but the only answer I got was "just open up the Shrine and you're ok". Honestly, I've been really good and AVOIDING knowledge of the questing areas so I don't even know where the Shrine (I know the name is Shrine of Two Moons) is but I assume it is a L89-L90 progression that opens up a daily or raid hub?

So ...

a) Are there any areas in Pandaria I'm going to miss out on if, at 90, I stop questing? I have other toons to level so I'm not one for completing dozens of quests for Loremaster type play. But I'll do it to avoid phasing issues.

b) Is there a defined quest line or some other route that I need to be sure to follow to open up the Shrine?


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