Spirits of Harmony

Now that we're knee deep in Pandaria...

What is the community finding the best way to spend Spirits of Harmony is?
I am fairly new to the continetn... Only worthwhile thing I have spent them on is Ironpaw Tokens.
I collected spirits for my Geosynchronous World Spinner, which I ended up deciding not to make after all. So I turned them all in for scrolls of wisdom. Now I don't farm spirits anymore. There's just nothing I can do with them that's profitable enough to make up for the time spent farming them at Halfhill.
Cashed them all out for Golden Lotus a while ago. The only character still growing them is a blacksmith in preparation for 5.2.
I turn mine into Imperial Silk or sometimes a pile of herbs/leather if I need. Nice to have this option available when you just need one more something something.
Stockpile for 5.2 in the hopes they're useful....
02/14/2013 06:41 PMPosted by Mussorsky
Stockpile for 5.2 in the hopes they're useful....

This. No one buys anything I try to make with them right now (or the competition is to fierce).
A full set of BoA Inscription Staves for my alts, so I can upgrade them before 5.2 hits.

The luck some of my alts have had in LFR, having a ready-to-use 484 weapon will be quite nice.
Golden lotus and/or Jade Owls..

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