490 Disc/Spriest and 488 Boomkin/Resto

Hello there,

We're currently on the Ner'zhul, and are looking to transfer to a higher population server as ours died. I was the GM of a progression guild, but we fell apart at the begining of december. The lack of guilds and players on Ner'zhul have made it very difficult for us to find a home.

I'm 490 disc and shadow
She is 488 Boomkin/Resto

We've both cleared 16/16 normal with a few heroics in MSV.

Looking for a guild that begins raiding around 9-10pm server.

Thanks in advance =)
Also have a 495 Hunter
494 Mistweaver
Faction: Horde
Realm: Mal'Ganis - High Pop - 3rd In Overall US Progression
Raid Group: 25 Man
Current Progression: [5/6 Heroic MSV] [4/6 Heroic HoF] [4/4 ToES]
Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 8:30 P.M. - 12:30 P.M. EST
Website: http://carnage-us.com/

About Us

Carnage was formed a little under a year ago, we are a close-knit group of hardcore raiders with experience spanning all WoW expansions. As hardcore players, we maintain the same mentality we acquired from our days of hardcore raiding, but we now raid on a more casual schedule. We are a mature guild, made up of adult gamers who enjoy taking raiding seriously and like hanging out while not raiding. We do not have guild cliques, and will always welcome new players who are willing to put in the time and the effort to see Carnage succeed.

Despite us having a casual raiding schedule, we expect all members of Carnage to perform at the highest levels of play while raiding. All members are expected to maintain high raid attendance. If you are unable to attend a raid, you must let any member of the guild leadership know IN ADVANCE you will be unable to attend.

* Currently looking for solid rogues, frost death knights, and fury warriors. *

How To Apply

Visit http://carnage-us/recruitment for information on current recruitment needs and how to fill out an application.

Contact Information

Adrenalíne, Magikx, Catholix, Puresecs in game.
Newly Transferred Guild to Mal'Ganis.
Old Guild/Server: Easily Amused / Korgath(PvP)

Raid: 10 man semi-hardcore
Nights: 3 days a week. Monday-Wednesday 7-11 ST

Our current progression is 6/16 Heroic: 4/6 Heroic-MV, 2/6 Heroic-HoF, 4/4 ToES

Looking to pick up all classes looking to raid. We will be recruiting openly for 5.2 to create our core group for the upcoming raid. We are also serious into this current tier, so we're looking for players interested in continued progression as of late.

Heroic-ready geared players are more than welcome to contact Zayzul in game for a spot in our upcoming raids.

For more information my Battletag is: Zayzel#1541

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