Blind player can't queue for BGs anymore

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I apologize if this should have been included in the sticky about the 5.1 change that protected BG queueing because of oQueue.

I don't want to become involved in that discussion because my guild has another reason not to like the change.

My friend Jarrod, who is completely blind, plays Refunki the shadow priest in our guild. He's not the world's best player but he's better than you'd think. One thing that helps him is that he can use a bunch of macros.

He loves battlegrounds. Before 5.1, he could queue up for random BGs on his own or in a group to play. With his explanation macros he can often find an understanding player to /follow so he can focus DPS. He does better than a lot of the kids that can't tell a healer from their own tail.

Now, he's basically out of luck and can't queue unless someone is literally playing right next to him, which can't usually happen.

So, leaving aside all discussion of bots, oQueue, and the like, Refunki would like to point out that disabling macros can have unintended consequences and hopes that a future patch can address this!!

Has anyone had a similar experience?
/click PVPMicroButton
/click PVPHonorFrameBgButton3
/click PVPFrameLeftButton
/click PVPFrameCloseButton

will queue for a random BG.
Although unrelated to queuing for BGs, I thought this might be useful to mention for a vision-impaired player. If you disable _all_ the default warnings in, and setup 'custom' sounds, you could put together a fairly decent mechanism to augment gameplay for a vision-impaired player by using sound effects for events.

If he has any interest in getting some auditory feedback and nobody in your guild is comfortable enough with add-ons or scripting, feel free to send him my way. I can't promise endless tech support - but I think a couple hours one-on-one would probably be sufficient to get things working for him (if he doesn't already have something that does this)
Ro, Thank you very much, we had tried workarounds using the /click but hadn't seen this! We'll try it out soon.

Pop, you're thinking the exact same way we did, we have a setup for him that helps out with stuff like that, including several addons. I'll keep your offer in mind though he already gets lots of custom warnings with dbm and similar stuff.
Hey all, just wanted to add that this macro:

/run local f = GetMouseFocus(); if f then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(f:GetName()) end

when executed while hovering over a button will cause the chat display to give you the name of the button

turns out the relevant button to ENTER the bg once a bg group has been found is:



/click StaticPopUp1Button1

gets our priest into the bg! Thanks all!
i have no idea how to help him. all i can say is that i am completely and utterly baffled while simultaneously amazed that someone who cannot see is actually functioning in an activity that requires you to see. are you SURE he's not actually chuck norris?
Hoping them to revert the change for your friend. I'd rather deal with all the botters, multiboxers, and afkers than see someone in his/her position, who has put so much hard work in, lose the ability to play the game how he/she wants too.

I'm sure blizz wasn't thinking of blind people when they made that stupid change.
This can still be made easy via a script as was posted already so the vision impaired are not really in trouble as the macro can be keybound. Change was for something unrelated.
He's still doing BG's and has been since this post.

He's in one right now as a matter of fact, WSG.

Care to advise your statement?
What's that got to do with anything? He got the script that queues him for a random BG which was what the addon used to do for him. Problem solved, thread closed. Which you'd know if you read the entire thread. Otherwise he's in the same boat as the rest of the population. To queue with a group, you do a rated and do the same thing he used to do, find someone to follow around.
Qing can be gotten around. How is he coping with /follow has been disabled in BGs. I would think this is more of a problem.

On a side note:

It does not surprise me that a blind kid can play better than most of the battle ground player base.
How is he coping with /follow has been disabled in BGs. I would think this is more of a problem.

Edit: Reading API patch notes I see /follow was disabled in BGs. But that's not really the topic of this thread. If the OP wants to lodge a complaint regarding that, they're better off starting a new thread on CS forums.
I just created a functional "Join Random Battleground" macro that was tested and successful as of the writing of this post:

/click PVPMicroButton
/click HonorFrameSoloQueueButton
Just wanted to bump this up still works in 2014

/click PVPMicroButton
/click HonorFrameSoloQueueButton

thank you

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