Helpful Addition for Crafting

It would be great that if i'm at the bank and my tabs are open, along with my leatherworking window, it would count everything that is in the bank towards my inventory when I use the filter for "has mats available" and be able to craft.

With the amount of recipes and mats I gain from the AH and completely maxed at 600, it would be really beneficial, as I like still crafting mid range stuff for people.
It is called TradeSkill Master (or TSM for short) and it has a ton of addons to do anything related to trade skills, buying materials and maintaining inventory.
I installed this add-on last night, but I couldn't get it to work. It recognized that I was a leatherworking, but wouldn't pull any of the mats, etc.

Does this work in 5.1 for anybody else?

Does anybody else have any other suggestions?
Not quite sure how the warehousing features work in TradeSkill Master, so I can't help you. It would be nice if Blizzard would let you craft right out of the bank, but I think the best that can happen is that the materials you need are simply moved to your bags by TSM.

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