<H> Dead on Enrage 17/16 need Mage or Boomkin

Bleeding Hollow
We're 16/16 Normal, and progressing further into MSV heroics with Stoneguard on farm.

We raid Tu - Th - Mo (optional sundays) 9:00PM-12:00AM server (EST)

We offer guild mats for gear that's needed or any professions you need leveled as long as you pitch in. Repairs for core raiders are paid for, flasks and food are given out at the beginning of every raid/encounter.

Overall, we like to joke around and have a good time but when it comes to progression raiding...we get things done and focus.

18+, DBM, Vent, and raid experience such as not standing in ouchies, and following directions required.

Contact myself or Gatodiablo in-game if you're interested.
Ret pallies, feral droods and rogues also acceptable, for some variety!
17/16. congrats bros.
Thanks bra.
I am considering transferring to Bleeding Hollow...are you still in need of a mage and if so is it for a core spot? I was previously in guild with Rainsworth on velen that recently disbanded.

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