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I'd appreciate any advice on the best way to find a group to do dungeons with. Long story short, my guild is mainly members who's toons are 90+ with many years experience. It will be a while before I can run with the big boys (so to speak). But changing guilds is not an option for me.

Since turning level 85, the dungeons are a lot less "tank and spank" and so few I meet using the random dungeon finder seem to understand it takes a bit more. I see random calls in the trade channel but frankly can't decrypt most of them. ( I am trying to learn the abbreivations, along with the dungeons and everything else but this poor brain has only so much room left... grins)

Any suggestions?
basicly ask those 90s to run you threw a few dungeons im sure they would gladly help if not that guild doesnt seem very helpful
If you look at the guild summary page there is a box showing the top 5 are #2, gratz :D. By clicking the link below the box, you can see that there are a couple other guildies about your level who are probably running dungeons this week. Perhaps you could ask them if they'd like to do dungeons with you. A guild run is more fun than a pure random, you might learn some tactics for the dungeons, and if eventually you plan to raid in this guild, you'll get to know them a bit more.
Thanks for the reply.... I should have looked on the guild page more, good point and worth a try. Frankly being a new player, I've tried to learn through the forum and wiki ,and tried not to pester them with questions. I'm the dad of one and the father in law of another in the guild and didn't want to embarrass them or me.......

Heck, who am I kidding, I love to embarrass them. It was just me I was worried about .... : )
Heh heh heh...

Another option is to look up dungeon runs on YouTube and Most of the videos are from the beta, but they'll still give you a good idea of what to expect. This one for the Temple of the Jade Serpent is a bit more current, and nice and basic:

Plus, leveling goes a lot slower after 85, so you can always learn about each dungeon, then queue a time or two for them, and still have plenty of time to queue for randoms. MoP is better about introducing you to the dungeons while questing as well, so they won't always be completely unfamiliar when you see them with a group.
Usually I know what to expect, or at least have a fair idea. I'll look up run throughs and try to limit my search to those. And when I do a new one I treat the first time or two as a learning experience and don't sweat the quest as much....Heck, I'm doing good if I get the quest before the tank runs around a corner with a mob.....sigh.

That's my problem, it's finding others more likely to do what your fellow group members do. Work as a team, show a little sense. I've done enough randoms to have had a few really good partys...... it's that fun that keeps me looking....

And thanks again for the input all

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