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so ive seen alot of this has happened a long time ago so maybe they have issused resolved.
i bought the disc copies of moP today and im trying to install directly from discs i can click install and it says installing but is stuck at 0.4% for the 3 hour now and my internet speed is poor nor is security setup im on mac osx 10.6.8
Are you on a school or university network by chance?

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Actually, I'm seeing this exact same problem right now on a fresh install from the DVD on my new iMac. The installer is stuck at 0.4%.

At first I thought it was just due to heavy I/O load due to simultaneously copying all my old files from backup while installing WoW, but about four hours later, the install is still hung.

I'll restart the installer tonight and see how it goes. If I need to, I can either download it or just copy the WoW folder from my MacBook, but I'd kind of like to know why the installer broke.

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