5.2 warrior pvp arms or fury??

I get that warriors are getting a nerf but its not really a big deal to me, shockwave not a big deal use dragon roar and crit 200k- get over it people. But wondering what will be better for arenas come 5.2? arms or fury? arms for the big dragon roars or fury for the big bladestorms?

(>*.*)> alsooooooooooooo when is 5.2 even coming out..? <(*.*<)
and you wont be able to be disarmed in bladestorms anymore ^
Shockwave > Dragon Sho-- Roar.

Would rather have a stun than a knockback. Hard enough to keep in melee range of some classes.
shockwave gonna have longer CD tho...so:/
and you dont really need the stun if you can have amazing burst with dragon roar/bladestorm

and should i use double charge or stun charge? in 5.2
Get used to it. It's like Throwdown except it stuns multiple opponents with a bigger range and if you hit more than 3 it goes to 20 seconds. I don't see why you're complaining.

Bladestorm has terrible damage initially. Take Juggernaut.
What's dragon roars CD? 1 minute?

Yeah, that's 20 seconds less I have to wait, 40 less if I use a few more brain cells pop and have me spin to nail the cluster that people tend to form up in.

Stun > Knockback.

Except in the case of--- Err--- Lumber Mill?
odds of hitting 3 or more targets is very slim in arenas... getting 3 people all stacked probably not gonna happen very often
& why juggernaut im new to warriors guys leave me alone...:(
I don't do arenas but for points cap (SOONER OR LATER).

And if you're new to warriors, how are you judging what's objectively better?

Also, as for the ORIGINAL TOPIC AT HAND.

As soon as I get those STR fist weapons, I'm going back to fury.
im new to warriors but i have a clue on how to play..so can i have my opinion plox?
You know what they say..

Opinions are like doughnuts... Everyone wants one.. But no one wants to share...

That came out wrong.
i actually never heard anyone say that

02/11/2013 03:51 PMPosted by Adios
Get used to it. It's like Throwdown except it stuns multiple opponents with a bigger range and if you hit more than 3 it goes to 20 seconds. I don't see why you're complaining.

I wish they would bring back throwdown baseline, then they could make shockwave replace it if you spec into it. it would give us some extra control and would open up the options for Bs and DR
Glyph of Throwdown.

You slam your opponent so hard into the dirt it creates a shockwave that really hurts.

Also, it stuns.

It also roots the entire enemy team.

And deletes their gems and enchants.

and whens 5.2 coming out
CHANGE OF TOPIC---idgaf im staying arms NOW-

1st tier of talents...the charges..what one..?
and Dragon Roar VS shockwave
Because in that 4 second stun, you popped your cooldowns and blew them up in the remaining three. Logic.

I like to charge often.
And shockwave. We've been over this before..
5.1: Warbringer // 5.2: Juggernaut

Warbringer doesn't DR with Shockwave so it's a 7 second stun so you can apply a ton of pressure, force cooldowns, deal a lot of damage in a 7 second window. It's more lethal when the enemy doesn't have a trinket.

Juggernaut is better for 5.2 because you'll need the rage as much as you can since we're going to be rage starved with the Overpower costing 10 rage change. Plus, if you get gylph of Blitz (different in 5.2), it also snares opponents in place so you can combo in with Staggering Shout to keep them snared for a full 5 seconds. So there is no need for Wabringer charge.

Second Wind for second tier and it's a no brainer. The other talents in that tier suck badly.

Third tier is all preference. I'll be running Staggering Shout with the blitz glyph change. Some people like the classic piercing howl. Disrupting Shout is good if you're facing a lot of caster teams in rbg/arena.

Fourth tier is going to be Shockwave because it's a stun, a good peel, does damage. Even nerfed it's going to be the way to go. Dragon's Roar is a PVE talent since a knock back on a 1 min cd is too long. Bladestorm might be viable but won't be as good since it will be easy to kite, unless you're using Piercing Howl. It also hits like a wet noodle.

Fifth tier is a no brainer if you're PVPing: Safeguard. Removes you from snares when comboing it with a banner or a teammate. And it applies a damage reduction to your teammate if they're getting trained.

Last tier will be between Avatar & Bloodbath. Avatar increases your damage, frees snares, and it becomes core with your other cooldowns like Recklessness, Skull Banner, PVP DPS trinkets. Bloodbath will be seeing a lot more play in 5.2 because of deep wounds getting a huge buff in damage. So damage will be consistent and for 12 seconds at least, we won't have to worry about applying hamstring on our opponents.
I was thinking of going Avatar. But I've found that using Stormbolt is direly useful when a somethings roots me, walks five feet away, and begins to cast a big heal.

Nothing like a good ol "STOP THAT *POW*" to buy me more time.
I am all up ons Stormbolt. With hunters and their 433920 roots and now that everybody's a rogue (spriests and mages can now vanish apparently) I like to have the gap closer because I will have blown doubletime AND my leap just to stay on a caster.

They'll lock you down for the duration of your cooldowns, and yes Avatar is lengthy but that cooldown is too unforgiving, and you'll just be locked down for the duration of Bloodbath anyway.

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