Make ret viable for high end pvp again

i with slightly less than a 25/75 win/loss raito in duels but that's only because i have put alot of time into my pally and i know it really really well if you are sick of being nerfed to the ground and want ret to be viable for high end pvp again speak up

just to clarify when i say duels im talking about dueling 2200 or better rated fully geared toons NOT peepes with contenders/dreadful stuff OR peeps who can hardly play there class we are talking actual duels not "lol face-roll wins" and stuff that gear carried you through.

please donate to the "Save the RETs Fund" by replying or adding to the thread so the devs will actually see it. if we have no voice we will never be heard!

just 50cent a day or even one small post could save a RET near you

"no harm ment"
I stopped PvPing after Wrath. That was our (Ret's) golden age IMO.
4.1 was the best imo.
kept your entire team alive constantly with sometimes 8 huge WoGs in a row.
Wrath was the best play style, but not "golden age."

Ret will be good next season compared to other classes.
Don't just count our buffs.. Look at all the nerfs to other classes as well. :)

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