Your Favorite Pandaria Questing Zone

Based on four different things:

1. Storyline: The main storyline of the zone's quests. For example, helping the Grummles seemed to be a majority of the quests in Kun-Lai Summit.

2. Difficulty: Were the quests in a certain zone too easy? Or too hard? Or perhaps, were they just right?

3. Quest Flow: Did the quests go together good or no? Were they too spread out, or did they flow into each other easily?

4. Fun: Did you have fun questing in a certain zone? Did it all go together nicely and make that zone's questing experience a fun one?

I personally loved the Dread Wastes. The quests there were a little rough starting off, but helping the Klaxxi awaken Paragons was a nice storyline. The mobs weren't too difficult, and the quests seemed to go together quite nicely, and I had a great time leveling there.

What about you? What was your favorite questing zone?
Valley of the Four Winds. The storyline following Chen on his continuing odyssey was great fun. The difficulty was a non-issue, with fun gimmicks peppered throughout like trying to coordinate how hard you want everything to be smacked to the next quest area (including yourself), or punching a Kunchong's face in using a timing-based technique you learned over a series of training montages. The overall quest flow was decent, treating the area more like your personal tour rather than a distinct mission until the final events. The entire zone is telltale of how much fun they had building it.

And nevermind that the little niceties of sound effects and voice acting in Mists started occurring to me while I was there. Listening to Mudmug audibly muttering while he scoops up special river water is one of the coolest little details nobody cares about. The voice acting throughout was just great, and I'm so glad they went to the trouble of it.

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