Your XMOG here!

I love my xmorg on this girl - I just wish you could see the staff as well, as it really completes the picture. I mixed the purple in with the blue because of her headband (I don't have a cowl showing, although I guess I could always go with the Transcendence recolor if I wanted too, but I like the simplistic of her headband) - so mixing the purple in with the belt, wrist, gloves & staff really made a nice look I think.

Something a little different from everyone else with this dress :)
Mine is very cheap and thrown together last minute. But it's q
I got the heroic shoulders and knew what I wanted for the rest of my set. Except for the weapons, this is what I wanted.
I love xmoging, been doing it since the start, and all I have to say is please when u xmog make sure the belt, gloves, and boots match. And please go to the barber shop and get the the right hair color and syle for your xmog..if you going to do it please do it right :)

oh and the weapon, that has to as well match.
Kinda boring and current-tier, I really just wanted to put something together for the Sunwell shoulders I've had lying around since BC.
Yeah, I'm not liking the color meshing Aliendra :(.

That yellow looks awful with anything though.
It looks pretty decent in game, but I agree terrible on armory. I'm actually farming up a set, so once I get the last two pieces I'll have something nicer. :)
here's mine i was aiming for Argent Confessor Paletress minus the hat
Very nice @ Sinedea, goes well with the hair and looks pretty respectable as well as admirable overall :)
@ synaroux you're sweet thank you and i like yours aswell it's simple which can be misleading to gankers and it matches very well
Think mines the best here.
I don't see the point of forum posts on this when I change mine every few weeks. Need a static repository of images. Like imgur links or something.
I had a black pants outfit for a long time and needed a change... Venom and I have the same robe, but I like these sholders/belt/hat with it :).
I still need to find a new staff, but I went old skool with the Primal Mooncloth/Whitemend set.

I wish I did the quests back in the day for Benediction :(

On a side note, I'm really not big on the female UD voice... was temped to change over to BE female or UD male.. any comments on that?

@ scrubs it looks good on you...and i love your name
Mines Pretty cool :o
Thanks Ami!

also, like it Luna... matches your hair and markings!
I bring sexy back. (Bear in mind that I'm a Spriest).

because armory cast stance sucks

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