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I can't figure out how to add who is holding the flag or orb from battlegrounds to vuhdo. Can anyone help me?
If there's no simple way to do it, maybe someone has made a bouquet for it and can share the names of all the buffs I'd have to add?

You'd have to ask Iza to add that flag in:
Thank you, I'll ask over there. I made a bouquet of the buffs and I added them to Panels>Hot icons myself. Here they are in case anyone else wants to use them:

ToK: Orb of Power
WSG and TP: Horde Flag (if you are alliance)
EotS: Netherstorm Flag
Ah they're buffs? Yeah then you just add them by name or by spellID. I figured it would have to have been a status, sort of like group leader or master looter. Guess it was easier than I thought.
Yeah, I wasn't sure. I had to go into each bg to test it out. Still haven't done WSG, I'm just assuming, but I'll fix the post if anything is different. Once I'm sure, I'll post it on plusheal in case other people are looking to do the same thing.

Healbot makes it simple to add flags and orbs to display on your bars. As always, vudho can be a headache to figure out how to make it do something, but allows you to do so many more things.
Iza doesn't play anymore so premade sets of buffs/debuffs for various situations aren't going to be his thing. But, if you do the footwork ie. you make a post on plusheal, submit all the pvp flag buffs by name and by spellID and tell him to add them as a pvp flag bouquet, he'll add it in no problem so you don't have to make the bouquet yourself.
I did, and he is thinking of adding it. I think this is not the first time it's come to his attention. Thank you for directing me there. :)

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