[H] Casuals Wanting To Raid - Read This!

This is the real post this time, I promise! Haha.

Guild: Thrash
Raid Times: Fri/Sat 6-9PM server (optional raids on Sunday at 6-9PM)
Raid Comp: 10-man

Casual Raiders,

To start, this may sound weird for a 10-man group, but bear with me.

Although our progression has gotten us to 16/16N and 2/16H in a short amount of time (H Garajal will drop soon), we have the same problem that many other guilds have: attendance.

So here's what we're offering to casual raiders. If you're a casual wanting to get to the next level, see end-game content, do heroics, etc, then we want to offer you a back-up spot. That may not sound appealing, but we've only filled 3 raids total with all 10 of our guildies (we don't carry any backups currently) and we're constantly running 9/10 raids with one PUG. Additionally, if you perform well and show up on time, then you will have the chance to take another raider's spot.

Since there are obvious ups and downs to this, I'll list some of them below:


-Learn and advance in your class by raiding with an extremely experienced group (It should be noted that we also have a class trainer who studies every class/role combination)

-See content you probably wouldn't otherwise

-Get gear you probably wouldn't otherwise

-A chance to earn a spot as a core raider

-Free Enchants/Gems regardless of if you raid or not

-We'll analyze your performance through World of Logs to look for improvements you can make

-If someone leaves or wants to stop raiding, we'll consider you first for the open spot

-Lower standards for joining (we'll take you at a slightly lower ilevel/experience level, etc)


-You may raid very little or not at all for a while

-We raid on Fri/Sat, and if you aren't needed then pugging on Sunday/Monday can be difficult

-At first you'll be fairly expendable (meaning if you can't show up as a backup, then there's no real reason to keep you around)

-If you take someone's spot, then you'll probably get evil glares of death

-You have to put on your best "I swear Im not pissed" face when you get benched

So, to start, here's the roles we're looking to fill 2-3 spots with:

-Healer/DPS Hybrid (Any class, Monk or Ele Shaman preferred)
-Healer/Tank Hybrid (Any class, Monk or Pally preferred)
-Tank/DPS Hybrid (Any class)

If you want to apply, then you can either respond to this thread or whisper Mmurrggll or Lesp in-game. Send us an in-game mail if you want to do it that way too.

Once again, I know the idea of being a backup sounds bad, but there are a lot of positives to this deal too. Additionally, if you want more information, then please don't hesitate to whisper me at any time.

Battletag: Suthrnr#1637

Thank you!
I ran with these guys this Saturday night, and they handily downed some heroics. They were serious enough for the progression, and when it came to finishing the instance on regular, they became joking silly fools. In a good way.

All in all, a really good group. I would recommend them highly.
We shall be providing milk and cookies for our people =D
So are so kinky.

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