Cannot Advertise Profs Effectively in Trade

So I've just noticed the reduction of allowable text in trade chat when linking professions.
I'm not putting in a ridiculous amount of text for it, but I'm not able to fit more than 1 line of text in when I link my JC(or other professions).

Why is this? I don't remember this happening before this expansion. When did they do this? I don't understand why I am prohibited from effectively advertising my profession in trade.

All I want to put is: [Jewelcrafting] LFW - your mats - LOTS of Panda/Cata/Wrath & BC cuts - tips welcome.

It cuts me off at like 20 characters, so I'm not able to advertise my profession effectively. So many people will link their JC and you go to look and they only have like 2 or 3 cuts. I've got a plethora of cuts and I'd like the public to know this.

I can type in WAY more than 20 characters when I don't link my profession, so I guess I don't understand why I'm prohibited after 20 characters when I link my JC. Is this intentional? Is there a clear purpose for it other than ticking off those who don't abuse trade?
Link JC last and you can type a lot more. It limits what you type after the link. It did this in Cata as well.

That being said, you're not going to get rich working for tips. No one stiffs you on the Auction House.
I do link JC first. I tried linking it last too, but it wouldn't link the profession at all.

And I used to make a killing on cutting gems for people. I know old content gems are in demand by people leveling up in BGs/twinking and I've got all BC/wrath cuts and most Cata cuts and over 30 Panda cuts, so I like to let that be known when I'm advertising in trade.

I also never get stiffed because I pretty much only cut for tips, and 95% of the people I cut gems for DO tip(some very very well) so it makes up for the 1 player out of 10 that doesn't tip anything.

I'm more or less curious for the reason they changed it. I mean, it doesn't stop spammers from spamming trade...they have a filter to stop that anyway. It seems all it does is annoy players like me who don't abuse trade and just want to offer a service.
My JC market specializes in Wrath and Cata cuts. I also sell primal diamonds. The rest is normally to much trouble. I understand why you're in the market. Will it not link if you put it last no matter what?

There's a 255 character limit on the chat box. From what I can see how much of that space is taken up by your profession varies.

I found, with the numbers being how much more you can fit in the line -
Tailoring + 95
Enchanting + 125
Jewelcrafting + 40
Smelting + 217
Engineering + 122
Goblin/Gnomish Engineering + 123
Alchemy + 134
Elixir Master + 129
Herbalism + 209
Leatherworking + 65
Skinning + 115
Inscription + 91
Blacksmith + 70

What does this mean? Nothing really, I did it for Jewelcrafting and was just interested in the rest.

Well, what it does mean is that linking a profession takes a certain amount of characters for the requisite functionality, and that number probably just increased in Mists.

I remember once being able to link Tailoring and Enchanting together, but that's impossible now. Not sure if I'm just not remembering correctly though, however convenient that would be to prove my hypothesis. Also have no idea if it changes by character, though I have 3 engineers and the space was the same for any of them.
I guess I don't see the purpose in prohibiting a certain amount of characters based on what profession you're linking...

Jewelcrafting has 13 characters, 15 total if you count the brackets when it's linked. Which should still give me 240 characters to type my advertisement.

I really only need like 50 characters total for my advertisement, but it's impossible and INCREDIBLY frustrating...especially when I don't see any consistency with other profession links...I linked my Elixir Master potion profession in the chat box and typed for 100+ characters.

It seems like a glitch more than anything o.O
Here, this: ---- (11 characters)
Actually encodes like
<i>Here,<b> this</b>:</i> ----- (25 characters)

Clickable links also have meta-coding like that. With tradeskill links, it takes most of the allowable space on the line.

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