Review: Helloween "Straight Out of Hell"

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Helloween is an all time favorite band of mine and I thought I would do a review on the record.
I am proud to say that the song writing skills of the latest vocalist Andi Deris has done it again
this time even better than 7 Sinners (2007). Though as an old day Helloween fan Keeper of the Seven Keys (1986) is still my favorite album by the band.
Straight Out of Hell tends to relate to the Thrash/Speed Style that had been with them since The Dark Ride (2000). Normally a band screws up with a style change that is a result of a member moving/passing on (eg. Metallica, Nightwish) but Deris for Kiske was a good trade. This style is a bit more focused on lyrics and Keyboards yet still sounding like Speed Metal ahead of Power Metal. I would believe that this record is probably one of my top 5.

1. Keeper of the Seven Keys
2. Straight Out of Hell
3. 7 Sinners
4. Walls of Jericho
5. The Dark Ride
This Record was an amazing piece of Work and I think all members of Helloween need to be acknowlaged (Even though it sounds a bit of their generic stuff) I am giving this a 4/5.
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Replies: What did you think of the album?
What was your favorite record by Helloween?
It has a few great songs. But the sound production on the album songs are the best yet of all. Personally I would rank it just after my favorite album which is Keepers II

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