Safeguard macro to banner?

I am going to try out Safeguard instead of MSR. Is there any macro that I can use to safeguard my banner? ( I know you have to have a separate macro to place banner) I just want to be able to place the banner and then safeguard it without having to use /target and lose my target.
Try this and change it to suit your needs:

/cast Defensive Stance
/cast Die by the Sword
/cast Shield Wall
/eq one hander
/eq shield
/cleartarget [help]
/tar demoralizing banner
/use Intervene
/cast demoralizing banner
/targetlasttarget [help]

You can take out stuff as needed (This is how I do all my macros btw. I add everything and then change and subtract as needed myself).

You will have to hit the button, aim and drop banner and hit the button again.

You can also look at the sticky on macros, he has a macro for this in there as well :)
check the macro sticky at the top of the forum... there are lots of great ones, including placing and intervening your banner.
First click places banner, second click intervenes.

/target Mocking Banner
/castsequence reset=30 Mocking Banner, Safeguard
thank you dreadhoof I used that one
I Like this one cause i can intervene to my banner without losing my target.

#showtooltip Demoralizing banner
/targetexact Skull Banner /targetexact Demoralizing banner
/targetexact Demoralizing Banner
/cast [noraid, noparty] Intervene
/targetlasttarget [noraid, noparty, noharm, exists]
/cast Demoralizing Banner

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