Legendary Weapon and Head Chants Question

Just thought I'd ask the question, as I'm mainly a PvP'er, but will there be a benefit for PvP in obtaining the legendary weapon and or apparent head enchant?

I've heard lots of people complaining about the Lion Roar's quest - that's gold. Should be able to achieve that in a few hours tops. What takes ages is the grind for the sigils and stuff, especially if you are not a PvE'er. But anyhow, enough of that, getting back to the topic.

What I want to know is will there be some benefit for doing the whole legendary quest chain for a PvP'er?

Can you attach an extra gem socket to a PvP weapon? Will the head enchant (if that's what they are going to make) go on a PvP helm? Otherwise, I'm seriously struggling to keep up with all the LFR's and stuff to get them. And then the quest to get 6000 valor - that's crazy. On this matter, does anyone know if conquest converted to valor counts? Man, it will take me ages to get 6000 valor pts!

If anyone can help with the above that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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