[A] 10M LF dps and tank 4/6 HoF (night raids)

<Jade Forest Police> is recruiting a dps and tank for our raids. We raid at 10:30PM-12:30AM server (sometimes later) Tuesday, Thursday and Monday.

We have a solid core of 8, with a chill environment. We use Skype for raids, and it is required. Pugging 2 people a night is holding us back from progressing :(

Message me, Munakz or Jova in game for more details. Or send me an in game mail.

Our next raid is Tuesday, 10:30 server. Gonna full clear MSV. Come show us how awesomesauce you are <3
I'm very interested and have been planning on transferring to Tich anyway.
When not in raids, you can commonly find us in Jade Forest, protecting and serving the Alliance.

Still looking for 2-3 good/active raiders! We prefer an off-tank with DPS gear & spec, but more healers or DPS are welcome!

Gear is not an issue, but fight knowledge is extremely important! If your gear is bad, but you come prepared, perform mechanics well, and are active, then we will gear you quickly.

Please contact Zalilah, Munakz, or Jova in game!

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