How can u get multiple pets?

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The reason I became a hunter is because I wanted to get lots of pets. When I finally turned

level 10 I went to tame saber and it said that I hav maximum pets. I hav heard of pet stables

but not sure how they work. Also I don't understand what battle pets are and what they do.

Finally can I change Marksmanship to Beast Mastery? I chose Marksmanship but hav been

regretting it because u can only tame exotic pets with Beast Mastery.
Not sure why you awkwardly double-spaced your post. It's much easier to read if you just type normally, for the record.

Classes with a combat pet (hunters, warlocks, etc) can only have one permanent combat pet active a time. Hunters can tame multiple pets and put their extras in the stable, plus later on you'll get more "Call Pet" spells so you can keep more swap-ready pets with you at once.

Battle pets are completely different. They're just little vanity pets that can fight each other, much like Pokemon.

Yes, you can change from MM to BM. Just talk to your class trainer to reset your talent specialization so you can pick BM instead. Bear in mind that you can't tame exotic beasts until level 69.
I hav heard of pet stables but not sure how they work.

Stable masters are generally found next to inns, and in Dolanaar it's Seriadne ( Just speak with her to store your current cat, then go out and tame the one you want. You can also just right-click on the cat's portrait and select "Abandon," but that will permanently release the cat, and it'll never be available again; if you want another white tiger, you'd have to tame a new one (and there happen to only be two of those kind in the game, a level 29 in Stranglethorn and a level 70 rare in Outland). That option is good for when you're running between the stable master and the location of the pet you want, and just need something temporary along the way.

If you haven't already found it, is a good site for learning where to find more hunter pets.

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Battle pets are completely different. They're just little vanity pets that can fight each other, much like Pokemon.

And when you reach Darnassus, there are a few vendors near the main gate, off to the left. One of them sells little owls. The Pet Battle trainers also sell a basic vanity pet, so if you decide to try Pet Battles, you can start with one right away.
Thanks! That helped a lot I am now heading to the nearest stable master. One more thing, currently my professions r skinning and leatherworking but when look on the professions forum a lot of people r recommending herbalism with either alchemy or inscription. What profession do u recommend?
Whichever ones you want. If you plan to craft things while leveling, you'd want to pair the crafting profession with the matching gathering profession, like using the leather from Skinning to make things with Leatherworking, or the herbs from Herbalism to level Alchemy or Inscription.

It's also often recommended to take two gathering professions and sell everything in the Auction House (AH), then at endgame you can drop them and pick up two crafting professions, using all the gold you earned to buy the mats and level them up quickly (plus have an easier time affording things along the way).

If you go with the first method, you can still sell off extra materials (mats) in the AH, but you may not always have a lot lying around.
Thanks for now I think I'll continue with skinning and leatherworking if I don't like it I might try herbalism
Can u learn first aid, cooking, fishing, and archaeology?
Yes, they're just considered "secondary skills" instead of professions, and you can have all four learned at the same time.
Ok cuz. I hav first aid, cooking, and fishing. I just tried to learn archaeology and it wouldn't let me.
That one requires the Cata upgrade, so if you only have the initial Battle Chest right now, it won't be available.
Ok what's the Cata upgrade?
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Ok what's the Cata upgrade?

Cata is short for Cataclysm, the 4th expansion. If you've bought all of the expansions already, then you really don't have anything to worry about.
Archeology may also require level 20.
Ok another question can u hav more than one character on the same account?
Yes, you can have more than one character per account. You can have up to 55 characters on a single account, with 11 on a single server.
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Archeology may also require level 20.

It does. :)
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Yes, you can have more than one character per account. You can have up to 55 characters on a single account, with 11 on a single server.

Last time I added a toon and it said I had too many on my account, I was at 50. They increased the number of toons allowed per realm when MOP came out, but unless something's changed recently, you're still at a 50 per account cap.
At level 10 you gain the ability to tame new pets. As you level up you gain the ability to "carry" more pets with you. At level 16 or 18 you get the ability "call pet 2". That just means you can carry 2 pets with you, you can still only have 1 pet active at a time.

Right now at level 10, you'd have to stable your current pet, then go out and us "tame beast" to tame another pet. You can only tame a beast that is your level or lower. Stable Masters are in all major cities and some smaller ones as well.

Also to change specializations, visit the hunter trainer. If you talk to him, he'll give you the option to reset your specialization. This costs about 24 silver the first time. However keep in mind that the ability to tame exotic beasts only works once you're level 69. When you reach level 30 you can get Dual Specialization which allows you to switch easily between two specs when not in combat.
Yes you can have more than one character. You can have 11 on one realm and I believe the limit of characters you can have in total is 50.

Oh and battle pets are companion pets for everyone, not just hunters. You can pay to learn how to battle and tame them. They're little pets that won't help you fight in battles, but you can use them in their own battle game against other battle pets. Basically it's Pokemon.
leave your pet with a stable master. at higher levels you are able to have multiple pets with you at a time, but for now, you must put your pet away if you want to tame a new one.

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