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So, admittedly, this is my first tank.

I started tanking at lvl 85, and had 0 issues with being squishy. When I hit 90, I went to askmrrobot.com and used the master build that it gave me.

Stam > Mastery > Str > Parry=Dodge > Exp/Hit

I immediately started getting complaints from healers that I was taking entirely too much damage, so I reached out to another DK tank in my guild.

He immediately said that he uses a different stat priority.

Stam > Hit/Exp > Mastery > Str > Parry=Dodge

So, I reforged to the one that my guildie uses.

I am still having squishiness issues. Are there any Blood DK's out there that would care to give me some constructive advice? Is it normal to be squishy early on in heroics?

Any advice would be appreciated. What build do you use?
Generally, you don't need to cap expertise/hit as a tank until end game. DKs used to cap hit/expertise because their blood shield was tied to actually hitting. Now it is tied to damage recieved over last 6 seconds so if you miss a death strike it isn't as bad.

A couple of your slots are still DPS items.

My general rule for my dk was as follows:

Reforge to mastery whenever possible.

If not possible, reforge to dodge (parry will generally be greater than dodge because of swordshattering runeforge).

Mastery doesn't have have diminishing returns whereas parry/dodge do. That means for every 1 point of dodge/parry rating, you get less % dodge/parry for it the more you stack.

So ideally you want to keep dodge/parry about the same. So for example: if you had an item that had mastery and parry on it. You would reforge parry to dodge, because since your dodge% is approximately 1/2 of your parry, you'll get more %dodge for those 100 rating points than in %parry.

Also, remember, keep up your bone shield and don't be afraid to use vampric blood when Bone Shield is on CD if needed.

DK tanking is about keeping up your blood shield to mitigate damage and to cycle through your short Defensive CDs. Also be sure to spead your diseases in AoE fights because you need the damage reduction debuff on your targets.

I'd also consider rolling blood as a tier 1 talent. It virtually eliminates the chance of your disease falling off.
Great post dude. Thanks for the detailed information. I know I also still need some enchants, but since I quit doing dailies on my main, I ran out of gold!
Also make sure you're using Death Strike, especially when soaking a lot of damage.
Another thought.

Gem for mastery when possible. Depending on your socket bonus:

Yellow Gem = Straight Mastery
Red Gem = Mastery/Parry hybrid or straight mastery
Blue = I liked Mastery/STam or straight mastery

Since wrath or end of BC, damage mitigate is been more valuable than straight stamina. Straight Stamina means higher hit points but also means you take more damage. This results in having larger spikes in your health so healers will be healing you then you dip a lot and they spam heal you back up. Mitigation makes it so you take the same average damage from mobs but the rate the damage comes in, is more predictable.

DKs generally are more unpredictable because of how blood shield works vs. shield block.

Another thing to consider is keep moving. If you finish off a fight and still have blood shield going, if it drops off, you lose that mitigation potential but if you can pull while still blood shielded you can absorb a hit or two and give you time to disease up your next group of mobs and spread it then death strike back up your blood shield.

Also, not keeping up diseases reduces the effectivity of your death strike to some degree since it's damage is tied to diseases on the target.

Lastly, pay attention to your runes. If you have a death rune but can't death strike because you are missing an unholy or frost rune (or another death rune) and both of your blood runes are on CD, don't heart strike/blood boil with the death rune. Save your death runes for death strike.

Use Rune strike as a filler or bone shield if you have an unholy rune. If you have a frost, I will horn of winter to build rune power.
I ran with that guy the other day he was a horrible tank.
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