Bloodfury Clan meet 2/18/2013 (guild notice)

Mandatory clan meeting on Monday, February 18, 2013 at 8:00 PM.

I know some of you cannot make it. I am not going to strike anyone who cannot make it, BUT:

1) important decisions are in the works;

2) if you are not there, you have no say whatever in any decisions we may make;

3) if you are not there, the clan does not benefit from good ideas you may have;

4) if all of us never logged on, there would be no Bloodfury Clan.

I have a pretty good idea who will make it and who will not. I have a pretty good idea of who cares and to what extent - and who does not. The reason I am posting this is because if you do NOT make it, you can't complain that no one warned you.

If you know Bloodfury members via realID, Facebook, email or whatever, please let them know.

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