Ahhh yes,.. Vanilla pets.

Yeah I really miss those times, even with some pet changes I like, there is a lot to miss.

I loved when we could tame the Alterac Valley wolves who ran as fast as the rocket mounts seem to. It was a blast seeing them chase any moutned player down in seconds.

My first hunter was a Dwarf at launch, I remember taming Sian Rotam the white lion which is a horde only skin and the only available back then. I was lucky to get a horde player to help, he ended up taming the the other spawned cat in that quest and I got my white lion. I also remeber how happy I was taming my first raptor.

I'd say what I miss the most is when some random skin had a special attribute. There was Deathflayer the 1.6 speed scorpion, the wolf with resists, and a bunch of other cool pets. Eyes of the Beast is sorely missed as well. It was a blast in battlegrounds while defending to use that ability and take people on with your pet. Blizzard lost major points doing away with EOTB.

My most noteworthy recent tame was the white serpent in Caldera I think it was, that was a interesting tame. I also managed to tame Kirix the green spider, Banthalos, Quilen. I also tammed Garwal the Worgen and was fun using him while he lasted.

Happy Hunting!
On the EU Servers I had a troll hunter that I used to have Takk The leaper on, back when he had among the fastest run speeds of any pets and would routinely run down people in Battlegrounds. Lots of good memories.
Blizz doesn't realize simpler =/= funner
I hated my vanilla pet, always had to feed the damn thing to make sure my dps was higher in raids, anything in vanilla is/was always seen in rose colored glasses.
I would gladly trade pet upkeep to get their special stats back. Leveling was a pain but feeding them made sense and gave a reason to fish and hunt, I know crazy. I loved cooking up stacks of pet food. Just seems lazy now. Maybe just me here.
If you enjoy RP, you can still go out, hunt, fish, and prepare food to feed your pet. Then, use feed pet.

You just don't have to anymore. You can if you want, though. They didn't entirely remove this from the game.
I still have my Broken Tooth. :) Named her BT, of course, because I don't like lettuce either.

Took me weeks to get it, too. Damn camping back then was nuts. Same with Humar.
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned good ol' Old Cliff Jumper. God it was a nightmare to catch back in the day. High traffic lvling area, he roamed all over the place, plus an avalanche of worgs near. Used to be unique color, now I see they added another one, been out of the loop for a while. Still fun memories.
Not saying that there hasn't been some pet improvements, but the game could do with a lot more of that kind of stuff. Happiness could do with a comeback as well as friendship.

It is wrong when raising battle pets is more personal than raising hunter pets.
I tamed Bangalash in Stranglethorn Vale during Vanilla, back when he was elite and actually a challenge to tame. I still have him, and still use him as my go-to pet to this day.

And yes...I greatly miss the friendship ranks and feeding my pet to keep him happy and doing 125% damage.
Humar was my first camp/tame.

I remember parking there, trying to kill trash to see if that would spawn him, running back and forth between trees...and then when I finally tamed him how happy I was.

I used him for the majority of my time until the other black lion came out. I still have him and will never get rid of him :)
Back then my main was a hunter. I had both Brokentooth and Lupos. BT with it's insane melee speed and lupos's melee attacks were shadow damage so they weren't affected by armor. Loved em both. I swear i spent months camping Humar and never got him
I admit to being a Wrath baby, but I keep Snarler(the rare from Feralas) as my wolf.
Speaking of fun hunter pets. I had a white worgen as a pet back in wrath. I obviously know now why blizz didnt let me keep it. And to this day i still have a oil spilled wolf from borean tundra.
Not just the wolf but with the Dark oily graphic to.
good o'le Rocklobster, took months but at one time he was a scorpid with all the poisens a little scorpid could have, back when scorpid poisens were based on the zone the critter was in.
took forever, training a new one learning the spell, training and leveling the old one so it got the spell too.

we need to get back to where hunters can teach their pets some new tricks.
the level of complexity vanilla had with this stuff was wonderfull, it made me feel like a computer gamer not a console player.
nowadays with the changes to the pets and talents and such it really takes away the fun I had as a beastmaster.
bring back ammo too (one of the only real moneymakers an eng hunter had) progression and rep ammo was great.
02/11/2013 11:57 PMPosted by Voids
This nostalgia for arrows and food is misplaced.

I actually liked it when hunters chose their own ammo...it separated the good hunters from bads. I knew quite a few huntards that bought the super cheap ammo because they didn't want to spend the money on good ammo...meant less dps for them.
A little necro-posting, but I could not see this and skip mentioning Echeyakee, the white lion from The Barrens. Summon from a quest, when I saw him I could not kill him. I ran back at Crossroads, stabled my pet, abadonned and retook the quest (just in case) and got back to tame that wonderful cat :')

Then he helped me hunting his "cousin name after him", and it also had a gift for me: The Elixir of Giant Growth recipe which (as an Alchemist back then) I'd been looking for

Still sits on his throne within my stables :)
I remember my Hunter at level 10, running forever to get past the horde zone (Hes an elf) so I could tame The Rake. That was one fine pet for a long time.
I think that some combination of that old system and this new system would be great. Things like pet happiness was awesome, feed pet could be changed to require specific types of food you buy at shops, sort of like mages bought stuff to use tables, and healers bought stuff to use brezzes. Of course nowadays blizzard is trying to remove all of that kind of stuff sadly, there are just to many complainers. Things like reagents for blind and combat abilities is one thing, but carrying around food to feed your pet with was pretty awesome.

Pets need to be the hunter's choice. Ya we don't like how it was cat or GTFO, but is it really any better now? There are clear and obvious pet choices in practically every situation, PvE and PvP, yet people say it is different because blizzard divided the abilities between pet families. Now instead of always using a cat I am either forced to use a cat, wolf, serpent, sporebat or raptor. I honestly rather just use a cat.

There is a severe lack of companionship with our pets these days, and I myself think we should start going backwards a bit, back to things like happiness and friendship levels. I am sick of blizzard destroying those aspects of classes for the sake of people who are like "Why do I have to do this to do my best dps but that class doesn't?!"

Once again, reagents for things like brezzes and tables is one thing, feeding pets was an entirely different story. This game needs a lot more focus on the details and a lot less focus on homogenization.
levelling with pet, taming, feeding, pet loyalty and happiness, ammo pouch/quiver, buying or crafting ammunition, we even had epic ammunition! when i didn't feel like pvp or dungeons, i went out looking for new pets. now all that is passive. except for taming.

i still like playing hunter, but it felt more real back then and felt the most fun out of all the classes i tried and level'd.

one thing i wish we still had: EYES OF THE BEAST.

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