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Greetings! Welcome to the official World of Warcraft realm forum for Arthas! As a proud Arthas player since it went online on 11-23-04, I'm happy to welcome you to our little corner of Azeroth, and to answer some of the more common questions people have about the server we call home.

What's the community like here?
Generally awesome, with the occasional marmot punted in for good measure. As it is one of the original servers, Arthas has a number of veterans, and has gone through a great amount of change over the many years it has been around. The variance of player start dates makes for a pretty diverse group. Players here are generally a bit more hardcore than your run-of-the-mill server, but given the large population base, one can usually find a group of people of just about any skill level or intensity.

How many people play here?
Arthas is rated a high population realm. That said, queues to log in are seldom encountered, and usually related to something other than raw player demand. As for factions; Arthas is a Horde-dominated server. As of January 2016, the statistics are:
Horde: 225,492
Alliance: 46,099
This means there is a ratio of roughly 5 Horde characters per Alliance character. At top-end (level 90-100), this ratio increases to roughly 7.5 Horde characters per Alliance character. Among server races, Blood Elf are the highest represented, while Gnome are the lowest-represented. There is a roughly 70:30 representation of male characters to female ones.

While both Alliance and Horde have a number of guilds, note: the vast majority of endgame guilds are Horde, while the Alliance population trends to the casual. Check this forum, though - a number of guilds will put up descriptive posts in order to recruit potential members!

Where is the server?
Arthas is an EST server, and is part of the Chicago datacenter.

When do dailies reset here?
All daily quests reset at 3AM PST, therefore pending any adjustment due to Daylight Savings Time, quests here generally reset at 6AM EST. As always, you can check how long until they reset with this simple script:

/run print("Your daily quests reset in: " .. SecondsToTime(GetQuestResetTime()))

What are the PvP / PvE queue times like?
LFR: The queue times on this are fairly average - depending on volume and the time of the week, this can be as quick as ten minutes and as long as a half-hour. As always, healers and tanks will experience vastly quicker queue times than DPS.
LFD: The queue times for this are rather swift, rarely longer than fifteen minutes, and as always, swifter still for healers and tanks.
Arena: Those looking to jump into arena matches will usually only have to wait a couple minutes at most, until reaching the higher point totals, at which point competition becomes a little more exclusive.
Battlegrounds: Similar to arena, battleground queues are rarely longer than a couple minutes. The rated counterpart is a slightly longer queue, but not by much.
Ashran: Due to the attention Ashran got in 6.2, it is not as problematic as before. Worth visiting if you haven't been in a while.

How is the World PvP?
Arthas follows most of the traditional expectations for a Player vs. Player (PvP) realm. One can usually muddle through their daily quests, farming, and other grinds with a fair amount of peace, though an encounter with a member of the opposite faction can just as likely result in a /wave as it can a corpse run. As always, be on alert! Due to the population skew, Horde will often find themselves the majority party in endgame, while Cross-Realm Zones (CRZ) has leveled the playing field in most of the lower-level areas.

Any current news?
The realm queue times issue has been resolved. Logging in is once again immediate.
Requested sticky, good job on this.
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Requested sticky, good job on this.
Sticky requested! Also thanks for that little script line for time until daily quest reset =)
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As a random guy from another server planning to transfer here soon, this is very helpful.

Hope to see you bros soon!
As a random guy from another server planning to transfer here soon, this is very helpful.

Hope to see you bros soon!

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