Profession Advice Needed After 2-Year Absence

I just started playing again after a 2 year absence. A lot has changed :)

When I stopped playing, my character's professions were Tailoring (414) and Engineering (384).

My question is, should I change my professions to something that'll allow me to make more gold? The reason I ask, is because it seems like things are quite expensive now. For example, when I went to go train "Master Riding," it was 5000 gold (I only have about 900 gold from when I last played).

So should I switch professions to something more profitable? I feel like I'm "way behind" when it comes to making and having gold and I worry that with my two professions, they'll just be gold sinks, etc. I'd prefer to not have to wait a month to master riding :)

Any advice, suggestions, tips would be great. Logging-in for the first time in years was quite a shock (mostly good) with how things changed. Hopefully you all can help me with what I feel right now is a steep "getting-up-to-speed" curve.

Yeah the game is better now. No more bags full of unopened clams and soul shards.

Engineering remains (generally) a total money loser. Guns/bows do OK, "cogwheels" (a type of gem) does OK but the market can be murder. Tailoring is pretty good especially if you have classic recipes for good transmog gear. There are a lot of sexy transmog sets that NOBODY is making.
You do not need "Master" riding. That's 310% flying speed which isn't that much faster than the 280% that you get when you learn fast (artisan) flying- which isn't necessary either. You do need basic flying and that is fairly inexpensive.

I'm fairly rich and I've only bought master riding for a handful of toons. Most have fast but quite a number will never get beyond the basics.
At your level and skill, I don't think I would worry about changing professions right now, though I also wouldn't waste time leveling engineering just yet.

Doing quests and leveling to 90 should make you between 5k -15k gold. Once you hit 90, you will probably want to start working on various daily quest chains for rep (golden lotus / domination point, followed by the 5.2 dailies and shado pan or august celestials for the bag pattern). This, along with extra cloth from Northrend Scavenging, should provide a good starting point for re-entering the gold market.
I make a ton of money with engineering in pandaland. Also the glider and other gloves/belt upgrades are great! In tailoring you can sell transmog items. I havent tailored much.
1) Get an Orgrimmar tabard and get exalted with them. Then get your master riding from Orgrimmar for 4k.

2) You will make considerable gold leveling up through Pandaria. I think Jozie's quote is in the right ballpark.

3) For making gold, "time is money." Getting max flying is not a bad investment, especially for a main toon.

4) Pandaria dailies drop lots of gold. When you get to 90 make sure you do them. I make at least 1k/day.

5) For making more gold and advice on professions - that depends on your server. Markets are volatile and are always changing. Start now by checking out the website Undermine Journal. Their tabs for professions ("gathered" and "crafted") are fantastic. There's a lot of information on the website. Try to interpret the information to give yourself a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Good luck!

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