WTT for Crawling Claw

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I obtained a Hyacinth Macaw recently which I have no use for.

Looking for a Crawling Claw

Edit: I have other pets id be willing to part with. I have a spare disgusting oozeling. And others. Let me know.

To be fair, the Hyacinth can go for as much as 15k... it's still nowhere near the league of a Crawling Claw though.
Hyacinth is going for 22k on Malorne. ... Ill keep checking maybe someone is willing to trade.
I am still looking for a crawling claw, are there any pets in my set that anyone might be interested in on top of the Hyacinth that might make the deal more appealing?

I have a spare Disgusting oozeling. I dont particularly care if I have to farm up more Pandaren Spirits.
Still looking for a Claw. Again I have other pets available id be willing to part with. Let me know.

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