MW Monk on 5.2 PTR

I've been testing MW on the PTR and fistweaving is just looking better and better. With the new muscle memory (increases you tiger palm and blackout kick damage by additional 200%) you get some nice heals out of it, and since they buffed tiger palm now its prity much now worth getting up the 5 stacks of tiger palm to get the free surging mist.

I got some amazing damage in MW as Fistweaving by doing Jab > TP i got like dmg crits ranging from (no less) than 80k up to 120k and you get roughly (just some numbers) Half the dmg as a heal so around 45-60k heal. And Blackout Kick is amazing for aoe dmg and healing since now blackout kick does full dmg on ur current target and half the dmg of your current target to other mobs/players and same as above.

I still prefer Chi Wave over Zen Sphere, i don't even notice the heal from zen sphere and when you detonate it (2 zen spheres) you only get a lousy 30k heal. Chi wave is better it only requires to get 2 chi up and basically instant heaL, rather than casting zen sphere on a player wait 15 sec then again on a player to detonate it and get a crap heal out of hello.

Ring of Peace (RoP); DW MONKS! ITS STILL REALLY GOOD! I found since its only casted on a friendly the enemy players have a idea of sprinting/travel forming/ghost wolfing away but if you run Tiger's Lust with RoP You will have no problems at all, just sprint and sit on a healer or who ever and be the most annoying thing in the game. Can't wait.

PVP is looking amazing was running WW/MW/Mage with jahmilli and we kinda owned lol.
PVE Won't have any problems for MistWeavers imo i think they're will be fistweaving way more now, and should of been that way from the beginning.

Anyway thats what i kinda observed and i'm prolly gonna get a video on this out.
Also macros like this

/castsequence Jab, Tiger Palm

does work, you can do it with blackout kick as well.

Cause muscle memory ends/falls off everytime you do one TP/BoK.
So, how are we on the healing hierarchy? Are we steal floating near the bottom? I know you said we're getting a lot better, but are we still less desirable than say a Holy Pally or a Resto Shaman (PvP wise)?
Def better than resto i think we're 2nd in the healing sector.
200k crit Blackout Kicks. o.o
Muscle Memory
Level 65 Mistweaver monk ability
When you successfully Jab or damage at least 3 enemies with Spinning Crane Kick, you gain Muscle Memory, increasing the damage of your next Tiger Palm or Blackout Kick by 200%.

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