DK jokes

Death Knight
DKs are OP
Why did the dk marry the priest? Opposites attract.

(Sorry if you don't get it right off the bat, just think about it for awhile.)
What do you tell a undead dk before a fight... nothing he obviously didnt listen he first 2 times
well i tried to Death grip the boss but all i got was his pants.
How is an Unholy Death Knight like a prostitute?

They're cheap, easy and know how to spread diseases quickly.
Why did the Frost DK win the freestyle rap contest?

Because his RHYME kept proccing.
A female Blood Elf Death Knight walked through Silvermoon as she met another Death Knight, who had two undeads wrapped around her waist with some rope. Promptly, the Blood Elf shouts: "Oh my God! You've got a new Bone shield!"
whats the opposite of a Birthday?
-A Deathknight
What do a Deathknight and a married man have in common?

They both suffer well.
UH's t20 two-set bonus.
03/24/2017 12:38 PMPosted by Stormdk
UH's t20 two-set bonus.

Haha, beat me to it!

+1 10000x
Why are frost dks the top dps?

They obliterate the competition.
03/25/2017 05:05 AMPosted by Conser
Why are frost dks the top dps?

They obliterate the competition.

Nah, more like they blast everything out of it's way.
When did the DK cross the road? He didn't! XD

What did Frostmourne say to Arthas when they first came in cantact? "I'll suck you dry!"

Note: The first one was a play on the fact DK's lack mobility. The second might be as bad as I think it is.
What do Blood DK's have in common with a Woman ?

A woman orders you around with a Dark Command
Sucks the life from you with Vampiric Blood
Crushes you with a Heart Strike
And makes you wish for Death's Caress
But in the end you feel like a Veteran of the Third War
What’s the difference between hookers and Death Knights? Nothing, they’re both cheap and spread diseases.
03/23/2017 05:15 AMPosted by Whorror

Exactly what I came into this thread to say.

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