Alchemy proc rate

WTF is up with the proc rate for alchemists? I made 42 flasks today and got a single 2-proc. I have the same issue with my potion spec alchemists. Why is the proc rate so abysmal?
Random is random.
15% chance to proc giving you 20% bonus.

42 isn't exactly a large sample. And what can you really expect out of the specializations since they are so cheap to obtain. Thats 2 flasks which payed for 1/4th of the cost of becoming a elixir master in 1 day.
42 is a TINY sample size. When I send batches of 200-300 potions or 150 elixirs to my alchemists to make, the return rate usually ends up moderately near the 15% margin.

Sigh, people and math. Fifteen percent return does NOT mean that you get an extra 15% on every batch you do; it means that, in the long run, you will get 15% more than someone without the perk.
Sorry to slightly necro this thread, but I'm wondering if they nerfed the proc rate on extra flasks in the most recent patch.

Since 3.2 dropped I've made 457 flasks and haven't had a single multi-flask proc. Anyone else out there noticing the same thing or am I just having the worst proc luck streak ever?

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