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(Hi! This is my first attempt at an RP thread sooo don't criticize too harshly lol thinking bout writing down the story if it gets good and if I post it online or possibly publish ill give credit where due.)

(The story is starting with Erik Frostblade, a death knight recently liberated from the Lich King, entering the Lion's Pride Inn in Goldshire looking for work as a mercenary, soldier, etc. Death knights are shunned from society, so it's hard for Erik to find work. He has no money and can barely eat or supply armor and weapons for himself. The innkeeper is Danet MacCready, a former soldier.)
Erik Frostblade stumbled out of Elwynn Forest. His clothes were ragged and torn, his hair and beard disheveled. The children playing in the road ran to the forge to hide at the sight of him. He started to walk towards the inn. When he entered, he fell into a chair. The innkeeper came over to serve him. "What can I get you, sir?" "I got no money to pay fer anythin' so ya might as well be on yer way." "A glass of water it is then. On me." "Thank ye sir. Mighty kind of ya."

The innkeeper returned and gave him the drink. Erik took a sip and relaxed.
((hmmm, alright I'll try it out :3 a few questions, does this take place in the past shortly after or during WotLK or present? If past, I'll just edit my post))

Two draenei sat off to the side of the inn. One, a light pale blue draenei with bull-like horns and indigo hair tied off in a neat pony tail, and the other, robed in black with her hood up, concealing her face casually reading a small book.

The blue draenei was probably slightly intoxicated, balancing a spoon on her nose, trying to get The robed draenei's attention. "Rysill! Rysill, look...look...!"

Rysill continued reading her book. "You are drunk, Erani. Eat your food."

Erani sighed and took the spoon off. "Jou did not even look," she said in her thick draenic accent.

"I don't care. Eat. We're leaving for Pandaria tomorrow and I don't want you complaining through the whole trip about being hungry."

Erani sighed and said, "Jou are no fun. Vhy did ve not go to an inn in Stormwind?"

"I hate that damned city. It's too crowded."

"Jou use to like it vhen jou vere alive..."

"Eat your food, Erani," Rysill said in an annoyed tone.

Then the stranger walked in. Erani knew that unholy aura anywhere. It was another death knight. Turning back to Rysill, she vigorously poked her on the shoulder.

"What?!" Rysill hissed.

"Another death knight. Do jou know him?"

Rysill gave her a long bland look. "Yes, Erani. I know every death knight on Azeroth."

"Oh, come now. At least look at him!"

Grumbling Rysill glanced up for a brief moment, then returned to her book. "No, I don't know him."

"He looks friendly!"

"Death knights are not friendly, Erani."

"Jou are friendly!"

"No, I simply tolerate your stupidity."

"Ve should greet him! He looks lonely."

"Erani, no... You're drunk."

Erani leaned over her chair and waved at the newcomer to greet him. "Chronakai kristor!" She called to him in a warm tone. Rysill sighed in exasperation. "I hate you so much..."
Jaemmi Magmaclaw entered the inn, tired and worn out. She sat at a table, and called for the innkeeper, "Mr. Innkeeper, I need a light brew, please." She said as the keeper came by and gave her a beer. She began to sip it, gazing over at the death knight. She tilted her head a bit, then began to speak to him, "Hello. I do not recall having met one of your kind. You are a...?" She asked him, puzzled. ((Playing her as if she was Alliance.))
Erik ignored the pandaren's obvious stupidity. Instead, he focused his attention on the death knight sitting by the wall. There was something strange about him and his companion. It was like he knew them, but his head was too fuzzy to remember that far back. Back in life as a mountaineer. Before that fatal attack that massacred his family. Back before his rage consumed him and he died because of his stupidity. Erik ignored his drink and was lost within his self, searching deep within what bit of a soul he had left...

(Erik is kind of a jerk, so don't take offense lol and it is in the present time)
Cally sighed as she took off her helmet, shaking her head to get her hair fixed. Running a hand through it, she sat at a table, sensing the two other Death Knights in the inn. She shooed the innkeeper away as he came up. She was only waiting for a man to come in. She had hired him to fetch something for her.

She searched around the inn. Two Draenei, a Dwarf and a Pandaren. After helping out in Pandaria, she had decided to take a break, and was now hiring people for jobs that required then to journey in different places to find things she needed.

They could all be worth it, but it's best if I let people find me. She chuckled softly watching the two Draenei and then turned her attention to the other Death Knight. Since it was awhile since she broke from the command of the Lich King, she had been doing her best to hone her fighting skills and other skills that she was trying to better.

Her skin being white, and her hair a pale blond, she was sometimes mistaken for a ghost by the smaller kids, those who have not seen a Death Knight before.
((it's quite alright. Most Death Knights are indeed jerks, lol))

Erani frowned. "He ignored me," she said.

Rysill returned to her book. "Good. It isn't as though you ever have anything intelligent to say."

"Such hurtful words, Reli."

Rysill rolled her eyes. "I told you not to call me that. My name is Rysill."

Erani snickered. "Vell, alright, Rysill. Say, Rysill, do I alvays have to emphasize jour name like this, Rysill?"

Rysill glowered at Erani who simply laughed at her irritation then returned to her book, set on ignoring her cousin for the rest of the night. She began to feel the other death knight's eyes on her and glanced up at him.

"Yes?" she said to him her voice dripping in exasperation.

"Be nice, Reli," Erani reminded her.
Erik had been watching the two Dranei. One of them noticed this.

"Yes?" she said.

"I'm sorry but do I know ya? You and yer companion seem strangely familiar. Ya didn't happen to help fend off that brutal attack on Ironforge did ya? That was when I fell to the axe of an Orc. That fiend Arthas thought I was worth his time. Anyways that is the last thing I remember before I became this and I'm pretty sure I know you two."

Erik noticed the newest patron walk in. He called Danet, the innkeeper, over.

"That lass over there looks rich. Ask her if she might have a job or two I could do for her."
((Just an alt of Deathcharger. :P Didn't feel like switching characters.))

Cally looked up as the innkeeper walked over, and told her the Dwarf Death Knight had wondered if she had any jobs for him. She chuckled, plucked up her helmet, and walked over, and sat down at his table.

"Looking for a job? I'm guessing you presume I might have one?" She chuckled, her voice slightly echoing. "I do indeed, if your up to the task. Do you like to travel?"
(You get around on the forums her alot lol this is the third ive done with you)

"Bagh! On foot? In this condition?! HA! If you'd be kind enough to supply me some good Saronite armor and possibly a nice blade to go with then I'd think 'bout getting back into shape. If you throw in a trusty ol' ram too I'm all ears. Your move, blondie."
"If your willing to get your hands dirty, I will supply you a very good ram, and other supplies." She smiled, he had he attitude of every other Death Knight out there when they first got away. "Don't bother trying to run after I supply you though." She gave him a look, then resumed her usual nonchalant look.
"Am I in any shape to run, miss? And if you pay well enough, I will bathe in mud. Is that dirty enough for ya?" he said with a smirk.

With that, he ordered a glass of ale for the lady and a jug of their strongest burboun for himself. On her, of course.
Rysill shook her head. "Doubtful. Erani and I have never played any part in Ironforge. You must be mistaking us for someone else."

When the human death knight walked in Rysill returned to her book only to be distracted once again by her drunken cousin. She sighed and put her book away. Clearly Erani would not allow her a chance to read it.

Erani had heard her mention jobs and travel and she immediately gained an interest. "Did jou hear that, Reli?"

"Hmm...," was Rysill's only response.

Erani stood up and trotted over. "Travel jou say? Vell, jou have my attention!"

Rysill was next to Erani in a matter of seconds. "Erani, what did I say about making business deals while intoxicated?"
"Oi! This be mine job! If it takes more o' us, then yer more than welcome! Yeh don't look like yer in need o' money as much as me," said Erik, his words slurred by his drunkeness setting in.
A slender figure walked into the inn, her long dark hair cascading down over her shoulders and green eyes looking over the patrons inside. The elf's slender ears perked up as a man, a guard, loudly cleared his voice while standing behind her. The Sin'Dorei turned her head to address the guard, annoyance clear in her voice, "You know that I don't require an escort. I've made that clear several times, yet you always stalk me everywhere that I go, human."

The guard crossed his arms and responded grumpily, "And I've already said that I don't care if you're an emissary from the blood elves. No pact between us has formally been made, and as such you remain a member of the Horde. We're watching you to make sure you don't cause any trouble around here."

The elf sighed and walked further into the inn, followed by her 'guardian,' until she spotted a small gathering at a nearby table. Curiosity got the better of her as she made her way over and stood behind a pair of draenei females. "I'm not intruding, am I?" she asked while tapping the hooded one on the shoulder.
((Deathcharger's alt.))

Cally smiled, and chuckled softly at the two offering to do the job. She looked up as a Blood Elf walked up, followed by a gaurd. She sighed and faced the Dwarf. "There's a man I ran into a couple years back, who stole something from me during a very unfair fight. I just found out he's in the Barrens. I need you to fetch this item."

"The problem is, he's a powerful warlock, and I did not stand a chance against him at the time, and now after returning from Pandaria, I still don't stand a chance." She smiled slightly. Cally smoothed her hair, and looked back at the two Draenei, and the elf. Emissary, huh?
"Well lass, this sounds like my kind o' work. If he's as powerful as ye say then these here aliens could be of some use." Erik paused as the blood elf joined the group. "What do ye want, ye filthy beast?! This be our land! Go back to whatever hole ye crawled from!"
"And if you wish to get payed I expect you to treat your companions well." Being a Death Knight, she was used to having friends from the Horde. She smiled at the Blood Elf.
Ryssil stiffened in surprise at the unexpected tap on the shoulder. She turned to face a female blood elf and cocked her head in curiosity. "Not at all, though I must ask, what on Azeroth you are doing in Alliance territory and how have you not been captured and burned at the stake yet?"

Erani watched the blood elf warily. She no longer had any particular hatred for the blood elves since M'uru reignited their sunwell. Still, ever since the battle at Tempest Keep, she was ever wary of the odd creatures... unless it was one of their handsome males.

Erani glanced over at the dwarf when he spoke. "Aliens?" she asked with a humorous smile finding the comment more funny than offensive.

"Now, now, lets not be so hostile to our new guest," said Rysill in a cool voice.
The elf smiled at the dwarf's reaction upon seeing her, and even more at the words of the female human. She wiggled a finger at the dwarf while responding, "What I want is my own business, small one. As for crawling out of a hole, well my people aren't the ones living underground are we? Or did you finally blow the top off of your mountain?" The human guard standing behind Zaramai pushed on her shoulder a little, shaking his head with a disapproving look on his face. She simply shrugged and brushed it off.

She then turned her attention to the draenei females and bowed slightly. "Zaramai Duskblade, magister of Silvermoon at your service. I am here in regards to the potential treaty between the humans and the Sin'Dorei. Our negotiations have become more.... strained by recent events, as I am sure you can imagine." She carried herself with pride, but attempted not to appear overly pompous or aristocratic.

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