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The dark man watched from a corner of the room, feet on table, slowly sipping a mug of ale. He silently watched as the elf entered, and quietly spat on the floor. He had no use for either side, Alliance or Horde. Money determined his allegiance. He stood up, slid a few coins over to the barkeep, and walked out. He bumped into the elf, accidently, or so it appeared. During the seemingly clumsy gesture he slid a note into the elf's pockets. (char. is human right now, keeping the worgen on the inside :P)
Zaramai felt herself being bumped into, and glared daggers at the man who was walking away. She thought about how such rudeness would have been dealt with if she was back in Silvermoon, but said nothing. Her attention turned back to her companions as she slid a hand into her pocket, feeling something that should not have been there. Quickly she checked for any missing gold before pulling out the note to read what was written.
(what the note says)
"Hello there. You don't know who I am, but I know you. I have watched you for quite some time, and now I feel it is prudent to warn you. Your quest for unity is doomed here in southern Azeroth. Only those such as Fordring, who aren't bigoted by past experiences, can help you. Icecrown is where you will need to go. If you wish to speak more, leave a note on the third tombstone in the Raven Hill cemetery.
And as you elves are fond of saying, 'ishnualluh' (purposefully pronounced wrong)
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Nosduh laughed loudly at the Elf's joke about the Dwarf. His cover being blown, as he was obviously eavesdropping, he decided to introduce himself to the group.

"Heh, not many people can make me laugh these days. Not since the turn and with this blasted war. Never had a hordie poke my funny bone either. The names Nosduh Blightfurrow, but most just call me Nos. Sorry to intrude on your little gathering, if it can be called that, but I don't see many pretty elves anymore, well at least not since my last gathering with my Ebon brotheren."

Nosduh sensed the other two Death Knights around him, so his Worgen instincts urged him to state himself as the alpha. He pushed back his chair to stretch, revealing his glowing armor and Sha-Touched Axe. Reaching his full height up a near 7 and a half feat tall, Nosduh resumed his usual slouching position and let out an iconic worgen sniff.

"Blimey, I think I might be catching a cold. Hah, I'm only joking! Like I can get anymore sick! With these diseases and being dead and such..." Nosduh took another massive swig of mead. "Not even sure I can get drunk anymore, but after my duties Pandaria it helps to know that if I were alive, I would be. Although, If I were alive, I may actually be dead now with how much alcohol I've consumed..." Waving his hands, he skipped to the point. "Look, I have a lot of connections around these parts. I will assist you all in anyway I can, just please give some should-be-dead dog something to do."

Nosduh's watchful eye caught the note that the other Worgen slipped into the Elfs pocket as he grazed on out of the bar, curiosity got the better of him and one of his eye brows slid up his forehead in a questioning glare. He debated on asking the elf what it said, but he wanted his first impression to as kind for a dead man and a killing machine.

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