mobile armory not working?

Mobile Bug Report
iphone 5 ios 6.1
doesn't work on wifi or the carrier network
app version 5.2.1
after login screen waits a few seconds then says unable to establish connection to server
Im having the same issues on an iphone 4s....
Yep, Samsung Galaxy S II....not working.
Iphone 3gs. Down for me as well.
Iphone 4, IOs 6.1..Having same issue. not connecting..says login failed..all sorts of stuff...oh and my events tab still isn't working...
iPhone 5 - Confirmed. I'm have the same issue.

Fresh install and cleared cache, 12:39 PM - unavailable.

Login attempt fails after roughly 20 seconds of delay. "Unable to establish connection to server."
I havent been able to log in to the remote armory all morning. Cannot connect to server.
ipad 2, iphone 4, etc. the chat isn't working. it's been like this since last night for me. HELP US BLIZZARD!!
Anyone going to address this issue at blizz?let us know if you are investigating or trying to fix...
I just logged on after having the same issues as above.

Fixed? Maybe?
Not fixed on my end ":(
it connected for a few minutes, then is not connecting again...been having off and on blizzard issues for the past 3 days now.. :(
Connects but not to guild chat for me says cannot connect to server
They'll address it in time. Enough users designating an issue will draw attention. No sense on
Same here on a Droid 4
I can not connect to G chat anymore Server Timed Out error
Seems as if everything else works, but the gchat on my end. Figures...the feature I use most.
Same issue, all works but gchat. Its been 3-4 days of issues. A blue post with a reassuring message would help with the frustration of using the app.
Don't count on them fixing it anytime soon. I was told to address the issue in the forums because the mobile armory team would address the issue within the forum. Does anyone see anything from Bliz in this? They are not concerned with the fact that the armory has issues.
This was down temporarily on 2/11/2013 and then resolved soon after. Today was maintenance. Are you still unable to log into the app?

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