mobile armory not working?

Mobile Bug Report
This is not a temporary thing. It is repetitive and happens on a daily basis. Today, 2/20/13, I am still having the same issue. When I do get on, I am kicked off shortly after and am unable to log back in for quite awhile. For instance, right now it is happening again. I keep getting the message that it is unable to connect to server. I have reset my phone, reinstalled the app, and nothing seems to work. It is a good day when I can remain logged into guild chat longer than 5 minutes.

I paid for this app at the beginning and don't remember having as many issues. If Blizz is so worried about people leaving the game, they should be attentive to all issues no matter how trivial they may seem. Having access to guild chat is a way to keep people involved in the game and they are blowing a huge opportunity here to keep people engaged.
This is an ongoing issue that we are not ignoring. The number of people using the Mobile Armory has skyrocketed, so we're working on new solutions for these types of errors. The majority of users are not experiencing connection problems on a daily basis, but some people are most definitely having issue connecting. We are still investigating this latest string of reports.
Latest issue I'm having with the mobile Armory app is that every time I log in, I get the message that now my account has been locked "due to suspicious activity" and I have to reset my password. I've done this twice in the past 10 mins. I got rid of the app. Ridiculous.
I have a new Samsung Calaxy S4 and installed the Armory app Monday. It never has connected, it says that it can't establish a connection to the server. It is connected to my home WiFi and browses the Internet OK.
This issue was short in duration and is no longer occurring.

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